2022 Carport Price Guide

Depending on the sizes, shapes and materials carports prices range from R700 per square meter, a patio or entertainment area carport ranges from R900 per square meter.

Carports come in many sizes and materials and are more cost-effective when compared to garages, but are still very efficient at keeping your car protected from the elements. And they require a team of professionals to be set.

Average carport prices 

Vat is not included in these prices

Single Carport (shade net)3m x 6mR 6 500
Double Carport (shade net)6m x 6mR 8 500
Single Carport (Metal/Aluminium)3m x 6mR 12 500
Double Carport (Metal/Aluminium)6m x 6mR 20 000

The price of a carport is determined by:

Various factors determine the price of a carport like the preparation involved, the type of carport, as well as the carport size. The addition of any extras will increase the price of the carport, there are many extras available, for example, windows, lattice, gabled ends, lighting, and paint, to name a few.

Labour and Preparation

Our team of professionals will prepare the area in order for the carport to be built. This will involve digging up the grass, leveling the ground, paving the area, removal of rubble or vegetation and preparing foundations. The cost of the carport will be higher if more labour and preparation is involved.

Carport Size

There are 2 different size carports, 3m x 6m (single carport) and 6m x 6m (double carport)

If you want a customized carport for more cars, our carport professionals can construct it for you, this will increase the cost.

Type of Carport

There is a variety of carports to choose from, these include shade net carports, hard roof carports, metal or aluminum enclosed, enclosed shade net, or hard roof carports which cost more when compared to shade net carports. 

Extras used for carports

Ordinary carports give you all the protection your car needs. There may be a few extras you would like to add-in. Having your carport lightened up is a very good security feature, you may want to paint or varnish or add a lattice edge. These are all extra costs.  

Cost of the different carport designs

Flat Roof Carport Prices 

A flat roof carport can accommodate several cars as it is a wide design and has fewer poles.  

The cost of a flat roof carport starts at around R475 per square meter. If we have to travel more than 20 km there will be travel costs added to this.  

The 6m x 6m flat roof starts at about R24120 excluding VAT in Johannesburg.

Flat Roof Carport with L-Beam Prices

L-beam carports are perfect for high clearance vehicles as they give plenty of height. 

A Flat roof, l-beam carports start from around R1450 per square meter this includes installation. For every 20km traveled an extra R70.00 Per square meter will be charged.  

In Johannesburg a 6m x 6m l-beam carport costs about R54 720 excluding VAT.

Flat Roof Carport with 3-Side Panel Prices 

A flat roof carport with 3-sidedpanelsl can be attached to a wall or building and are great to use as patios

The cost of a 3-sided panel design carport starts at R550 per square meter. Expect to pay R45 per square meter for every 20 km traveled to you for delivery. 

Pricing of a 6m x 6m 3-side panel design carport costs around R27720 (excluding VAT) in Johannesburg. 

Pitched A-Frame Carport Prices

If you want a modern look go for the A-frame carport. Their roofs do not collect water therefore the water does not stand after rain, this stops mosquitoes from breeding. 

The cost of a pitched a-frame carport costs around R825 per square meter including installation. For every 20km traveled an extra R45 per square meter will be charged.

 In Johannesburg a 6m x 6m a-frame pitched carport will cost around R31320 excluding VAT. 

Flat Roof Carport Patio with CromoDek Prices

CromoDek is much more attractive than steel and is a durable material.

The cost of  CromoDek carports are around  R3200 per square meter, including installation. An extra R70 per square meter per 20km will be charged for travel costs.

A 6m x 6m CromoDek carport patio in In Johannesburg a CromoDek carport patio will cost around R117720 excluding vat.

Cost per carport installation may also vary, but we are offering only the best prices

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