2022 Clear View Fencing Price List

Depending on the Materials used, the height of the fence, the level of security and any extras Clearvu fencing could cost you from R1000 to R1300 per meter, this will exclude the installation. We offer only the best installation prices.

In South Africa with the high crime rate, it is important to upgrade your perimeter fencing. Clearvu can be used at your home or business and provides a very good security system that has many benefits.

See prices below for Clearvu Fencing prices:

Prices for Clear View Fencing installed per meter

Low Security75mm – 50mm aperturesAbout R1000 per metre
Medium Security75mm – 25mm aperturesAbout R1150 per metre
High Security75mm – 12.7mm aperturesAbout R1300 per metre

Econo Range 100mm * 50mm Aperture

  • 1.2m – R680 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R732 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R777 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R800 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R846 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R862 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R907 with shark-teeth spikes top

Anti-climb 75mm * 12.5mm Aperture

  • 1.2m – 785 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R912 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 1.8m – R1048 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R989 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.0m – R1033 with shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R1073 excl shark-teeth spikes top
  • 2.4m – R1118 with shark-teeth spikes top

What determines the price?

There are a number of factors that will determine the clearview fencing price, like the height, length, extras and the level of security needed.

The height of clearview fencing

The height of the Clearvu fence determines the price of the fencing as more materials and additional labour are used. 

The materials that are used for Clearview Fencing  

There are many options for Clearview fencing, such as PVC coating, galvanized or standard finish, which come in a range of colors. Clearview Fencing Pros use only the best materials.

The length of Clearview Fencing 

The clearvu fencing is priced per metre so the price will depend on how many metres is needed. The clearvu fencing prices range from R1000 to R1300 and this also depends on the type of fencing you would like, whether PVC coated, galvanised or standard finish. 

Extras used for Clearview Fencing 

There are extra accessories for Clearview fencing such as CCTV cameras installation, Anti-tamper screws, tamper-proof fence clamps, security spikes, electric fencing alarms for anyone who tries to climb over the fence and gates for cars or pedestrians.

Clearview fencing level of security

The spacing between the wires determines the security level of the Clearview fencing. The smaller the spacing, the more secure. Looking for a way to secure you and your family?

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