How much do roof sheets cost?

  • Corrugated iron roofs cost R130 to R180 per m2
  • Powder-coated costs around R220 per m2
  • Double-sided costs around R240 per m2

If you’re thinking about getting a roof for your house, outdoor patio, or shed, read this roofing sheet price guide for the present cost of roofing system sheets and setup. But we recommend to consult the professionals:

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  • How much does a roof cost?
  • The cost of roofing setup
  • Getting quotes for a roof

Developed particularly for the South African weather conditions and environment, roofs are readily available in a wide variety of designer colors and profiles to match all designs of houses. And not every service in SA is equally good. That is why we recommend calling GP Rood Repairs services. Their choices consist of everything:

  • Corrugated iron or steel: the most inexpensive roof, preferable for a shed over a home.
  • Powder-coated – the most popular option for houses.
  • Double-sided: – suggested for exposed structures such as patio areas and pergolas.

Acoustic and thermal insulated roofs assist in keeping your home cooler in the summertime, and you will not be overwhelmed by the noise of rain on your roofing system in the winter season.

Low upkeep and a life span of 70 years also make a roofing system an affordable financial investment in your home, so you will not need to fret about roofing repair work costs or changing the roof at any time soon.

How much does a roofing system cost?

  • Corrugated iron roofing can cost around R130 to R180 per m2
  • Powder-coated costs around R220 per m2
  • Double-sided costs around R240 per m2

As a rough guide, the cost of powder-coated roofing system sheets for a 100 square meter home can be around R22 000, not including the setup cost. But this price may vary if you would like to have additional protection by ordering waterproofing services.


You can set up a roofing system yourself if you have the training and experience, but it’s typically advised that you work with an expert roofing professional.

The cost of the roofing system setup differs throughout provinces and areas, with typical rates being R500 to R800 per hour or R400 to R600 per square meter.

Setup expenses depend upon a variety of elements:

  • An easy slope roof will be cheaper to change than a more complicated roofing structure, such as a four-sided pyramid roof.
  • A central city balcony roof is more difficult to gain access to and deal with than a rural roofing system, so it will normally cost more.

Get quotes from regional roof suppliers now.

The cost and rates in this short article are a sign and ought to just be utilized as a guide. They, likewise differ in your area and undergo market forces.

To see more ‘price of’ guides visit the ‘Cost of homes services‘ page to see a full list.


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