How Much Do Patio Blinds Cost?

Searching for blinds to shade your outdoor patio, pergola or outside location?

Outside or outdoor patio blinds are an excellent method of adding shade, security, and design to your outside area. For the majority of us, hading and shelter from the extremes of weather conditions are essential. Especially rain and direct sun. If you have an interest in keeping your view, then the clear PVC types are the way to go. These have actually ended up being so popular with coffee shops and outside dining establishments that they are now called café or restaurant blinds.

However, how much can you anticipate having to pay? Outdoor patio blinds can vary from numerous dollars to thousands – it eventually depends upon the quality of the item and size of location you are handling. First let’s discuss whatever you require to understand about this line of product.


What kind of outdoor patio blinds?

Due to their direct exposure to the elements, patio area blinds require resilience.

  • For this reason, the following products are popular: Canvas – UV stabilized/treated, polyester or acrylic, solution-dyed acrylic canvas. If direct sunlight is an issue, shade blinds are the solution. Shade blinds cut UV rays, but do not entirely obstruct your view. Among the most popular kinds of outside blinds, they are best for an outdoor patio, gazebo or pergola. High quality canvas will usually outlive PVC by a variety of years.
  • PVC – covered, marine grade, clear, strong or mesh. Clear PVC blinds, otherwise called coffee shop blinds, are a terrific service if you wish to keep your view.

Patio blinds: functions to try to find

In regards to adjustability/lifting, outdoor patio blinds generally include a variety of systems, consisting of spring filled, crank, cable, zip/track systems, and even automated/motorised alternatives. Straps, chains, and buckles generally anchor blinds to the flooring, though there is a certain relocating to track based systems with tensioners. These tend to reduce flapping and contorting and allow the blind to slide efficiently and quickly, without any requirement for an attaching system.

Zips (more costly) and Velcro (less expensive) are typically utilized for sealing outdoor patio blinds on the margins. Try to find quality parts that will hold up against direct exposure to the elements. Any guarantee must also be looked at, specifically for an item that is going to constantly be exposed to the elements.

In regards to colors, sun block and personal privacy blinds will usually have a series of weaves and tints to pick from. You need to have the ability to match your blinds to the palette of your house, consisting of the roofing system, trim, or windows.


How much do patio area blinds cost?

So what do you need to think about when thinking about patio area blinds, and just how much are they going to cost? There are a variety of aspects that will play a part in this, consisting of:

  • In regards to price, high grade PVC is typically on par with quality canvas. Try to find quality, strong sewing on both kinds of products.
  • Size – the width and drop of your blind will form a big part of the total quote you get.
  • A standard rope and sheave or crank system is going to cost less than more sophisticated track systems or a motorised variation.

There will obviously be variations to this, depending upon the provider, quality of the item, and where you live. Blind installers will generally give you an estimate price that includes setup. For a concept of ballpark rates, anticipate having to pay:

  • R4750 for a single 1200mm x 1200mm blind (sun block, personal privacy or clear/tinted PVC)
  • R5250 for a single 3000mm x 1800mm sunblock blind with a spring ran system.
  • R6590 for a single 2100mm x 1500mm blind (sun block, personal privacy or clear/tinted PVC)
  • R9240 for a single 3000mm x 2400mm blind (sun block, personal privacy or clear/tinted PVC)

Questions to ask your blind installer

Put in the time to ask your blind installer a couple of concerns prior to hiring them. This will ensure they are the best for your task:

  • What length of time have you been running?
  • Are you guaranteed it?
  • Do you have any referrals I can follow up on?
  • Are you able to supply a composed itemized quote?
  • What length of time will my task take?
  • When can you begin?

Getting quotes for outdoor patio blinds

You’ll need to get at least 3 quotes from regional blind installers to get a sense of what the market rates are presently for your task. You can also search our image area for outside blind style concepts for your job.


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