How Much Do Vinyl Floor Tiles Cost?

Love the appearance of stone or wood floor covering, however can’t manage it?

Vinyl flooring tiles are an excellent alternative. They look similar to the genuine thing and are simple to set up and tidy. And prior to you turn your nose know that vinyl floor covering has actually come a long method from a years or more ago – when it had a credibility for being inexpensive and nasty.

However just how much do vinyl flooring tiles cost? Ask the tiling pros, or read the post below. 



What is vinyl flooring made from? Vinyl floor covering consists of polyvinyl chloride, a chemical plastic, in some cases described as PVC. It consists of a variety of layers, consisting of a protective finishing, a use layer, a printed graphic or style, a core and support. The very best quality vinyl floor covering will have four layers:

  • The bottom layer is the “support layer.” It will have sound-taking qualities.
  • The 2nd layer is made from PVC.
  • The 3rd layer is the photorealistic paper layer.
  • The leading layer is the clear wear layer. Much better quality vinyl will also have a UV resistant film that is slip resistant and water resistant.

Why set up vinyl flooring tiles?

Vinyl flooring tiles have numerous pros to choosing them, consisting of price and benefit.

Besides being among the most cost reliable floor covering alternatives out there, peel-and-stick vinyl tiles are likewise extremely simple to lay, non-porous and versatile. Modern production strategies suggest that vinyl floor covering can be found in a wide range of colours and styles, with photorealistic information that appear like stone, lumber or ceramic surfaces. And due to the fact that vinyl floorings are extremely thin, you can likewise lay them on top of any existing flooring. It is likewise wetness and stain resistant, simple to fix and sustains rush hour well.



How much does vinyl floor covering cost?

Vinyl floor covering usually is available in sheets, however likewise is available in tiles and slabs. For supply and setup, anticipate to pay around: R300 per square metre for spending plan vinyl floor covering R350 to R450 per square metre for basic quality R550 to R900 per square metre for vinyl slab floor covering What you pay will depend upon the quality of the item you purchase. Vinyl slabs can begin at aroun R160 per squaremeter,, while much better quality slabs with an acoustic layer might cost around R450 to R650 per squaremetere or more. Vinyl tiles cost about thesame as  much better quality slabs, with the typical cost being around R550 to R600 per squaremeter.


It’s likewise an excellent concept to take a better take a look at the service warranty prior to picking vinyl flooring tiles for high traffic locations. Much better quality tiles will last longer than most more affordable brand names and can be found in designer colours and patterns that can’t be matched by the minimal varieties offered at lower price points.

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Getting quotes for vinyl floor covering It’s always best to get quotes from regional vinyl flooring installers in order to have a basis for comparison.

Then you can compare the businesses’ competence and the quoted additions and exemptions. These may consist of getting rid of old tiles, preparing the surface area for the brand-new tiles, and sealing or polishing. Simply make certain not to pick on cost alone. Floor covering is a distinctive component of the house, so it pays to choose a tiler who is skilled and can develop an appearance you’ll like now and into the future. Ensure you inquire about what the quote consists of, particularly:

  • Does the quote consist of the vinyl floor covering?
  • Does the quote consist of the elimination of old tiles and surface area preparation?
  • Is sealing and/or waterproofing included in the quote?

Their quote ought to be itemized and consist of whatever you require to do the job.

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