How Much Does a Gas Hot Water System Cost?

An electrical warm water system in the typical house represents around one-third of all the house’s energy use. At the exact same time, an electrical storage system generates about the same quantity of greenhouse emissions annually as a household automobile. If you require a brand-new warm water system, natural gas deserves to be checked out. It can conserve cash on your energy expenses by approximately 30 percent and help conserve the environment, too.

However, just how much does a gas warm water system cost? This short article will assist you in finding out:

  • How does a gas warm water system work?
  • What to try to find when working with an installer
  • What a system might cost you

How can a warm water system expert assist me?

Your warm water system professional can assist with a variety of jobs, consisting of:

  • Encouraging the best gas warm water system
  • Installing your system
  • Maintenance and fixing your system
  • Providing your warm water system

Different kinds of gas hot water systems

Storage systems are the very best understood and most utilized kind of gas warm water system. Like its electrical equivalent, a gas storage system includes a tank and a heating system. Selecting among these systems is mainly a matter of selecting a tank that has the best capability for the variety of individuals utilizing the system.

3 other kinds of gas hot water systems are likewise offered:

  1. The gas-solar storage system uses solar energy to supplement gas heating.
  2. Rapid circulation gas hot water systems heat water on an as-needed basis.
  3. Heatpump systems extract heat from the surrounding air to help heat water.

A mix of gas and solar warm water systems is the most energy-effective of all the presently readily available systems. A 5 star rapid system or heatpump is available in 2nd, while a gas storage system is still more energy-efficient than an electrical storage system.


Greater energy performance equates to dollars conserved in energy expenses, but is it enough to validate the cost of a warm water system? To start with, you need to learn just how much your brand-new system is going to cost to purchase.

Does my gas hot water expert require certification?

Yes. All provinces need a gas fitter to be accredited. For this, they require you to have the proper credentials and experience. Some plumbers like Plumbers Network experts, are likewise accredited as gas fitters, but you must verify this prior to employing them.

EnergySafe Victoria states that a person should “always utilize a certified gasfitter for any setup, repair work, or restoration, including gas work.” This not just uses to tasks like setting up warm water systems and heating systems, however likewise where remodellings may include disconnection or moving of gas devices.

Utilizing someone who is not accredited might put the health and wellness of you and your household at risk. This is why we recommend geysers only experts. They have only vertified professionals.

Concerns to ask your warm water professional

When it comes time to employing a gas warm water installer, ensure they are ideal for your task. Some concerns to inquire about consist of:

  • Are you properly certified, certified, or certified?
  • Do you have legitimate insurance coverage (expert indemnity and public liability insurance coverage)?
  • Can you offer a composed quote?
  • How long will my task take?
  • Do you have any recommendations I can follow up on?

Gas warm water system running expenses

How much will it cost you to run a gas-heated water system? For houses of

  • For 1-2 individuals, a rapid system will cost you roughly R2150/year.
  • A rapid system will cost you around R3600/year.
  • For 6–8 individuals, an immediate system will cost you roughly R4970/year.

You can anticipate your gas warm water system to last a minimum of 10 years, so in time, it is among the very best financial investments you can make, specifically compared to an electrical system. Electric systems might cost less to purchase than gas, but the cost distinction will be offset by decreased energy costs. The most cost-efficient choice is to have a solar hot water system with gas as a backup.

How much does a gas fitter cost?

You will require a certified plumbing technician or gas fitter to deal with your task. Like lots of tradies, gas fitters charge a per hour rate, in the area of R500 to R900 per hour, depending upon where you live. If your task is an emergency situation, out of hours, or your place is remote, expect to pay more.

How much does a gas-heated water system cost?

Gas warm water systems are more costly than their electrical equivalents.

A 160-liter electrical tank may cost around R7500 to R8000, while a comparable-sized gas tank might cost a little bit more than R10000. You will also discover that a gas immediate system will be more costly than an electrical rapid system. Energy-efficient heatpump systems cost between R25000 and R40000. Relying on the size of the system, a solar-assisted warm water system can cost anywhere between R25,000 and R35,000.

For a concept of existing rates, anticipate having to pay:

  • R9150 for a Bosch 26E constant circulation gas warm water system (without setup)
  • R9750 for a Rheem Metro Max 26 constant circulation gas warm water system (without setup)
  • R12290 for a Rinnai 26 gas constant circulation warm water system (without setup)
  • R14950 for a Rheem Stellar 360 5 star gas storage system with 160 liters (without setup).

Installation expenses for both gas and electrical systems have to be the exact same. To change an old system, you should anticipate paying between R2000 and R3500 for the labor. If you are setting up a brand-new system and extra piping is required, your setup cost will be greater. Solar warm water systems are either set up on theroofg or as a split system, with the photovoltaic panels being on theroofg and a tank set up at ground level. Anticipate paying about twice as much to have a solar hot water system set up. And geyser repair services can save you some money and nerves compared to solar systems. 

The very best method of learning the cost of your task is to get quotes from regional gas warm water installers. This will offer you a sense of what market rates presently are, and what you can pay for.

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