How Much Does a Patio Cost?

Every South African requires an outdoor patio. And to build that, you will require some help from deck pros, who will build your dream patio. Patios can be big and costly or remarkably inexpensive. You can, likewise, contribute to a patio area as your budget plan permits. There are lots of expenses to an outdoor patio and we’ll go step-by-step through the expenses.

  1. Any outdoor patio requires strong flooring.
  2. An outdoor patio might require a deck.
  3. Do you require a keeping wall?
  4. How much does an outdoor patio cover cost?
  5. What else does your patio area require?
  6. Putting an outdoor patio together

Any patio area requires strong flooring.

An exposed or covered outdoor patio requires strong flooring. The flooring specifies the area and enables you to put outside furnishings in the patio area. Just how much does outdoor patio floor covering cost? Plain concrete is the least costly, at around R4500 to R7500m2. It might not be the very best surface area for an outdoor patio, however, and colored concrete is around R5500 to R9000 m2. Coloured concrete is not that a lot more pricey than plain concrete and can make a much better looking outdoor patio flooring.

Concrete resurfacing is more pricey, however can offer an outdoor patio surface area a stunning surface. Concrete resurfacing can have a stenciled style or a stamped style. To discover more about the cost of concrete resurfacing, read What Does Concrete Resurfacing Cost? The post covers all kinds of concrete resurfacing, from coloured concrete to the more costly stencilling and marking.

Pavers are another method to emerge an outdoor patio. Pavers differ in price and ought to be laid by experts, but if you’re mindful, laying pavers can be a DIY task. Just How Much Does Outdoor Paving Cost? It covers the cost of various kinds of pavers and the setup expenses.

An outdoor patio might require a deck.

If home is on sloping land, decking might be much better than paving. Decking expenses are discussed in How Much Does Decking Cost? Dealt with pine is the least pricey decking product, beginning at around R2000/m2. Hardwood decking can be more costly, and composite decking is more costly than hardwood decking. Composite decking might be an excellent option as an upkeep-free decking product. Today’s composite decking looks like lumber but does not require resealing every couple of years, which adds to the cost of wood decking.


Do you require a keeping wall?
If you desire pavers, you might need to develop a keeping wall initially. The keeping wall should not be expensive, and you might likewise wish to set up fencing and stairs around the patio area. Maintaining walls tend to be around 1.2 metres high and the cost might be around R2700 per direct metre for lumber or block or R4400 per direct metre for a brick keeping wall.

Find a regional patio builder now.

How much does a patio area cover cost? 

If you wish to utilize a patio area throughout the year, you will require a patio area cover. The cover will safeguard you from the severe rays of the sun in summer season and rain in winter season. Patio area covers do not require to be pricey and you have alternatives. An easy patio area cover can be a DIY task, however experts must set up more intricate and bigger outdoor patio covers.


You will likewise need to think of the kind of cover you desire. Polycarbonate covers enable light to reveal through and if you get a Colorbond roofing on your patio area, it’s finest to get Colorbond that has colours on both sides unless you are going to likewise put a ceiling on your patio area cover. An umbrella can cover a little patio area or you can likewise buy a retractable awning.


What else does your patio area require?

A strong surface area and a patio area cover are 2 vital parts of a patio area, however your outdoor patio might require more than simply the essentials. Some other things an outdoor patio might have consist of: An outside cooking area Lighting Heating Outside furnishings Plants An outside kitchen area can be a terrific addition to an outdoor patio and it does not need to be a complete kitchen area. It can be a barbecue location just or you can set up a refrigerator and a sink. If you require electrical power, you will require to employ an electrical expert and a plumbing professional can set up a sink for you. Just how much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost? enters into rates of outside cooking areas from budget plan cooking areas to more completely included kitchen areas.

If you are setting up electrical energy, think of lighting and heating for your patio area. Lighting will permit you to utilize the patio area during the night and heating will be a great touch throughout the cold weather. Heating concepts for your outside area offers a range of ideas about heating up an outdoor patio or other outside area. The short article likewise recommends purchasing more comfy outside furnishings with cushions and likewise utilizing carpets outdoors when the weather condition is cold.

Outside furnishings is a fundamental part of any outdoor patio. Think of what you wish to utilize the patio area for and try to find furnishings that is perfect for your functions. You might wish to utilize the patio area for dining or relaxing and outside furnishings is offered for both dining and relaxing. If you have a big patio area, you may wish to have a dining location and a relaxation location. Do not stint outside furnishings due to the fact that you’ll value having comfy outside furnishings in both the summer season and winter season.

Plants can cheer up any patio area, however you will require to select them thoroughly. Some plants require great deals of light and others can grow in shade or partial shade. Plants can be big or little depending upon the size of your outdoor patio, however need to be positioned in a location where they can flourish.


Your budget plan will choose what you can manage, however even if you have a portable barbecue and portable heating, you can have a comfy patio area you can utilize all year’ round. If you wish to include an integrated barbecue later on and much better heating, your patio area will be a lot more comfy, however consider what you wish to utilize it for and likewise think of setting up moving or bifold doors to open the patio area approximately the indoor location. Take a look at our Patio Ideas pages for some gorgeous patio areas, both big and little. Among them makes sure to interest you.

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