How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?

How much does an outdoor patio cover cost? We take a look at a range of kinds of patio area structures and patio area covers and their expenses. Do it yourself packages are readily available, or you can have an outdoor patio cover expertly set up.

A patio area cover can be connected to your house, semi-detached or can be a free-standing outdoor patio cover far from your house. A free-standing outdoor patio cover will need more assistance than one connected to your home, but the additional cost might be very little depending upon the products utilized.

  1. Why have a covered patio area?
  2. What are your options for an outdoor patio structure?
  3. What kind of outdoor patio cover do you desire?
  4. How much does a DIY patio area and patio area cover cost?

Why have an outdoor patio cover?

A patio area cover can provide shade and will permit you to utilize the patio area more frequently. It can also safeguard against rain, so you can leave outdoor furnishings outdoors even in the rain. A few of your choices in patio area covers consist of:

  • Lumber battens are typically angled to supply more shade.
  • Polycarbonate outdoor patio covers permit light to go into the patio area, however safeguard versus UV rays
  • An aluminium or zincalume cover will shut out sunshine and you can pick an insulated aluminium cover to assist keep the patio area cooler and secure versus sound from rain. Colorbond patio area roofs are popular and are available in a vast array of colours.
  • Thatch has a tropical look and keeps the patio area cool.
  • Climbing up plants can provide shade, but will not secure them against rain. They can be lovely and can keep an outdoor patio cool.


There are other choices to think about, too.

You might not desire a repaired or strong patio area cover and can consider setting up an umbrella that can be moved from location to location. Shade sails can cover a patio area and be available in a variety of colours and styles Retractable awnings can be ideal for outdoor patio covers due to the fact that they are adjustable.

Umbrellas can be big and adjustable, and a shade sail can be repaired in location and can supply shade, with some being able to offer shelter from the rain. 



A retractable awning can be completely pulled back if you desire it to be, or you might wish to utilize it for shade or defense against the wind. Modern retractable awnings can cover a broad location, and some do not need extra assistance.

How much does an awning cost?

It covers the expense of all kinds of awnings.


Some retractable awnings can likewise be angled to offer shade or security from rain. They can be a perfect service if you want your patio area cover to be flexible and able to adjust to climate condition. There is something to be said for a repaired outdoor patio cover and the next choice is to learn what products you desire for the patio area structure and roof.

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Think about the style and size of your outdoor patio initially and choose whether you desire complete shade or light to move through the outdoor patio cover. Do not forget heat transfer. It might be much better to invest more on a patio area cover that is insulated so you can feel comfy in the outdoor patio even on the most popular days and the insulation will assist moisten sound from rain. You can, likewise, use a mix of products or select various colours of Colorbond to make the outdoor patio more enticing. For more concepts, visit our Patio Idea pages for images of numerous patio areas.

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