How Much Does a Timber Pergola Cost?

What is a pergola? How much does a lumber pergola cost? Why would you desire a lumber pergola? A pergola can be a great addition to any yard. Lumber pergolas can be found in set kinds or can be custom-made. We will have a look at pergolas and their costs.

  1. What is a pergola?
  2. Why Install a Timber Pergola?
  3. How much does a timber pergola cost?
  4. How much does a custom-made timber pergola cost?
  5. The cost of a timber pergola

What is a pergola?

Strictly speaking, a pergola is an upright structure without a roofing system. Initially, pergolas were developed for deciduous climbing vines. The vines offered shade in the summer season and enabled the winter sun to shine through. More recently, the meaning of a pergola has actually altered. Pergolas with roofing are now offered.

What is a pergola

This can be attained through a range of methods. Among the most popular methods is to install a clear or tinted polycarbonate roofing system. The roofing enables sunshine to get in, but it also secures against rain. In many cases, the polycarbonate roofing rises and the pergola appears like a conventional pergola. This prevents rain from getting in and offers some defense from the sun.

Timber pergola

Today, the meaning of a pergola is looser than it was in the past. While a conventional pergola is normally connected to your home, pergolas today can be freestanding, connected to the fence, or offer shade by the swimming pool.

Why Install a Timber Pergola?

Why set up a lumber pergola instead of a basic patio area cover? One factor is that a pergola can be less costly than an outdoor patio. A lumber pergola specifies an area as a location for relaxation or an outside home entertainment location.

While a standard pergola has rafters spread apart, today’s pergolas can have wood purlins to offer shade. The purlins will not stay out of the rain, but they will offer shade in the summer season. If you desire the appearance of lumber slats but also desire rain avoidance, you can set up a clear polycarbonate roof over the purlins.

Why install a timber pergola

Using a polycarbonate roof is a popular method to construct a pergola today. A polycarbonate roof provides all the advantages of a conventional pergola but helps filter out the sun in the summertime and offers security from the rain in the winter season. It gives you the chance to leave home furnishings outdoors and utilize the pergola location even when it’s drizzling or the weather conditions are hot.

Typically, pergolas were flat, but today’s pergolas can have gabled roofing systems. The gables shed water and supply additional height, making the location under the pergola cooler in the summertime. Include a polycarbonate roof and some personal privacy screens, and you have a location you can delight in throughout the year.

Pergolas with gabled roofs

Why set up a lumber pergola?

With today’s styles, you can have the best outside area for whatever you wish to do, from unwinding outdoors to dining or having a barbecue. How much does a timber pergola cost? The cost of a lumber pergola depends upon the size of the pergola and its intricacy. The least pricey lumber pergolas can be found in set types. As a rough guide, say you desire a 5 metre long by 3 metre deep lumber pergola. Depending on what you pick, it may cost:

  • It’s worth R22,500 if it’s made from treated pine and has no roofing system.
  • It will cost R25,800 if it’s made from wood and has no roofing.

These costs are for the package alone. They do not consist of building expenses. In some provinces, a carpenter can set up a pergola. Talk to the regional town initially. If it’s a big pergola, you might be required to have a structure license, and in some provinces, only certified home builders can develop a pergola.

Building and construction expenses will vary depending upon the size of the pergola. As a rough price quote, a wood pergola may cost Rs. 50000 after including building expenses in the quote. You might also require paving or decking.

How much does a timber pergola cost?

Decking is a popular alternative. Decking can be made from treated pine, native woods, or composites. Composite decking is simple to look after, but costs more than wood decking. Today’s composite decking can look like natural lumber or might have a stained appearance.

How much does a custom-made timber pergola cost?

If you desire something unique, you might wish to have a lumber pergola customized. The cost will depend upon the intricacy of the style. For instance, curved roofing will cost more than flat roofing due to the fact that the contractor needs to make the curved lumber. They typically do this by cutting thin strips of wood and gluing them together in a mould. In other cases, they may utilize broad woods and utilize a design template to cut them.

How much does a custom made timber cost?

Some pergolas can be like works of art in the garden. They can have curved uprights and an angled or curved top. A pergola like this will be more costly than a package pergola, but can be the finishing touch to your landscaping.


A pergola does not need to be elegant to look excellent.

A conventional pergola with some detailing can make any location look excellent. If you want a

standard pergola, utilizing larger rafters spaced more closely together, can provide you shade in the summertime. You will need to get quotes from pergola contractors to learn just how much a custom-made wood pergola will cost.

Costing a timber pergola

Depending upon the style, the quotes may be rather affordable. Cost of a Timber Pergola A lumber pergola can be set up on the ground, but in general, having pavers or decking will allow you to utilize the pergola regularly. To discover just how much a wood pergola is going to cost, you will need to think of what you require. Some pergola contractors can do whatever for you, or you might be required to price pavers or decking individually. Find out the cost of your favored products. If the cost is too expensive, think about utilizing stained cured pine and setting up a set pergola or a basic customized pergola. Any lumber pergola will improve the look of your backyard.

You will not be sorry for setting up one, and the price can be lower than the cost of a patio area cover.

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