How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost to Run?

Cooling can be among the most costly home appliances to utilize. Throughout the summertime, cooling expenses can make electrical energy or gas costs skyrocket, however there are methods to minimize the quantity of energy you utilize. Lowering cooling expenses can be a house enhancement since you will have more cash to invest in other things.

  1. Cooling compared to other devices
  2. Why do more stars suggest less a/c expenses?
  3. Tips for conserving cash on an a/c
  4. Why do you wish to minimize the cost of cooling?

A/c compared to other devices

To get a concept of just how much cooling expenses are, it’s an excellent idea to compare the cost to other home appliances. These are some examples in a normal home:

  • Fridge: 0.6 ZAR per hour
  • Cleaning maker: 2.3 ZAR per hour
  • Dishwashing machine: 3.4 ZAR per hour.
  • A/c: 5 ZAR per hour

While it’s true that a fridge runs 24 hours a day and might be more pricey than an air conditioning system throughout the year, in the summer season, an air conditioning system can run for 8 hours a day, or R40.00 a day. In the summertime, multiply that by a month and an a/c unit costs approximately R1200 each month. A fridge just costs R10.44 each day, or R430 per 30 day month, so throughout the summer season, an ac system can cost nearly 3 times as much as a fridge.


Washing machines are just utilized sporadically and might be utilized for 3 hours a week at most. Dishwashing machines are utilized every day, but just for an hour approximately. Even throughout the year, they might not cost as much as an ac system would over the summer season, and if you have a reverse cycle air conditioning system, it will warm the house in winter and cool it in summer. And real aircon pros can always help you choose the right aircon. 

The house in the summertime and the cost will be far greater than any other device. Why more stars suggests less cooling expenses The A/C features star rankings from 1 to 10. The following is based upon a ducted reverse-cycle ac system that heats up a house 6 hours a day for 4 months and cools a house for 3 months a year for 6 hours:

  • A 5.0 star reverse cycle ac system would cost around R20000 per year.
  • A 5.5-star reverse cycle air conditioning system would cost around R20,376 annually.
  • A 6.0 star reverse cycle air conditioning system would cost around R16530 annually.
  • A 7.0 star reverse cycle air conditioning system would cost around R16,112 each year.

These figures are based upon one brand name of ac system. Others might cost less or more than the amounts above. To learn what various brand names and designs of a/c systems cost each year, go to the Energy Rating calculator and enter your postal code and the kind of a/c system you have or desire.


When you compare a 5.0-star a/c unit to a 7.0-star a/c unit, the cost savings is practically R4000 each year. Multiply that by 10 years and the cost savings is around R40,000. Lower stars will be even less effective, and stars of greater magnitudes will be more effective. Rates also differ depending upon the size of the space an a/c unit needs to cool.

  • Some approximate values are: 2.5 to 3.5 ZAR per hour for a little space
  • 3 to 7 ZAR per hour for a medium-sized space.
  • 7 to 9 ZAR per hour for a big space

Cooling can be pricey, even in a small space, when you increase the hours utilized each day and monthly. In a medium-sized space, the cost can be double that of a small space, and a large space can be nearly triple the cost of a small space.

Find a regional air conditioning specialist now.


Attempt to turn the thermostat up one degree at a time and stop when the temperature level appears too warm. If you’re purchasing a brand-new a/c unit, search for an inverter design to conserve approximately 40 percent on energy expenses. Do you actually require to utilize an a/c every day? A fan can cool a space and costs far less than an ac system. Fan cooling just utilizes electrical power to run the fan, making it much more economical than a/c.

A ceiling fan will cost just 2 cents an hour to run, which is far lower than the cost of cooling. Check out Tips for Installing Ceiling Fans for the Summer to learn how to set up an efficient ceiling fan. A ceiling fan will need to be set up by an electrical expert. However, ceiling fans are far less expensive than air conditioning systems, and setup expenses can be lower, too.


Why do you wish to minimize the cost of the a/c?

No one likes to lose cash, but in some cases, cooling appears to be an extravagance worth the cost. If you get a 7.0-star reverse cycle ac system, it may cost R16,120 per year. Multiply that figure by 10 years and you have actually invested R160,120. By following the suggestions above, you can slash that figure in half and use the cash for other things.

Show up the temperature level simply 2 degrees and conserve 20 percent. Over 10 years, that 20% amounts to r32240. Utilize a fan when you do not require a/c and conserve much more. If you’re buying a brand-new a/c, search for an inverter design and conserve as much as 40 percent more. Take a look at the Energy Star Label. It will reveal both destiny and the quantity of energy an air conditioning unit utilizes.


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