How much does carpet and flooring cost?

What kind of floor covering product do you wish to utilize? Aside from selecting the proper floor covering product, you also need to think about the cost of carpet and floor covering, too. Our cost guide will assist you in making the ideal choice. Contact us today for a free quote. 


How much does carpeting cost? 

As with all building products, the cost of the completed carpet installation will vary depending on the carpet you choose. 

  • Low-cost nylon carpets can be as low as R300 per square meter (m2).
  • Low stack nylon carpet may begin at under R400m2.
  • Low stack twist nylon carpet may cost a little bit more than R400/m2.
  • A thicker, much deeper twisted nylon carpet might cost around R500/m2.
  • A luxurious stacked nylon carpet will be closer to R600/m2.
  • Wool carpets begin at about R600-R650/m2.
  • Much better quality nylon/wool blends begin at R1250-R1500/m2.

2. How Much Do Lino and Vinyl Flooring Cost?

3. How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?

4. How Much Do Tile Floors Cost?

5. How Much Does Polished Concrete Flooring Cost?

Just how much does carpeting cost?

Carpet expenses can be misleading. Lots of businesses estimate square meter rates since a carpet appears less expensive by the square meter than by the broadloom meter. A broadloom meter is 3.66 meters wide by a meter in length. Lots of consumers aren’t familiar with the size of a broadloom meter and presume it’s the exact same as a square meter.


Before you pick the price of a carpet, you might need to do a little mathematics. When you get quotes for carpets, one seller might charge by the square meter while another will charge by the broadloom or lineal meter. If they charge by the linear meter, they ought to define the width of the carpet. Some carpets can be as large as 4 meters, while others will be the standard broadloom width of 3.66 meters. Let’s say one carpet provider charges R600 per square meter for their carpet. Multiply that number by 3.66 and you get ~R2000 per broadloom meter. If another business charges by the broadloom meter, you can properly compare their costs.

Now you need to determine the square metres of the space you wish to carpet. It’s great to keep broadloom metres in mind when you determine your cost due to the fact that a lot of spaces are not 3.66 metres large or long. You’ll require to factor some waste into your computations.

Just how much do carpets cost? It depends upon the kind of carpet. The cost of any kind of carpet, likewise, depends upon the density (or density) of the carpet and the height of the carpet. Other elements can be the kind of twist, the color, and the quality of the carpet. These are some examples you can utilize as a guide (supply only):

  • Low-cost nylon carpets can be as low as R300 per square meter (m2).
  • Low stack nylon carpet may begin at under R400/m2.
  • Low stack twist nylon carpet may cost a little bit more than R400/m2.
  • A thicker, much deeper twisted nylon carpet might cost around R500/m2.
  • A luxurious stacked nylon carpet will be closer to R600/m2.
  • Wool carpets begin at about R600-R650/m2.
  • Much better quality nylon/wool blends begin at R1250-R1500/m2.

Utilize these rates as a guide only. You may pay mainly for your carpets. Nevertheless, these rates demonstrate how excellent the variety of carpets can be. For details about the approximate expense of carpet laying, check out How Much Does Carpet Laying Cost?

Just how much do lino and vinyl flooring cost?

Linoleum (lino) is among the least costly kinds of floor covering products you can purchase. It begins at around R300-400/m2 and can increase to R650/m2. Lino is normally available in rolls, which makes DIY laying a little tough. You might make unreliable measurements or produce bubbles in the lino.

Vinyl can be found in sheets, but likewise, it is available in tiles and slabs. Today’s vinyl floor covering is frequently made with photorealistic images that can consist of wood grains. These are normally offered in “slab” varieties: long, reasonably narrow strips that are developed to mesh.


Vinyl’s cost depends upon the quality of the item. Spending plan vinyl can cost less than linoleum, but you might not enjoy what you get. Much better quality vinyl begins at about the same price per square meter as linoleum and increases from there. The very best quality vinyl floor covering will have four layers. The bottom layer is the “support layer.” It will have sound-soaking-up qualities.

  • The second layer is made from PVC (or virgin PVC).
  • The 3rd layer is the photorealistic paper layer.
  • The leading layer is the clear wear layer. Much better quality vinyl will have a UV resistant movie that is slip resistant and water resistant.

What you pay will depend upon the quality of the item you purchase. Vinyl slabs can begin at around R160/m2, while much better quality slabs with an acoustic layer might cost around R450-R650/m2 or more. Vinyl tiles cost about the same as much better quality slabs, with the typical cost being around R550-R600/m2. These rates do not consist of setup, which typically costs R200 to R350/m2 depending upon your location and the service you pick.

Just how much does laminate flooring cost?

A laminate floor covering normally has a lumber veneer or bamboo layer topped by a protective layer. If you desire the appearance of genuine wood, but can’t set up strong lumber floorboards, laminate floor covering is the perfect solution.


Laminate floor covering can be glued to a base or some kinds of laminate floor covering do not require gluing. Generally, unglued laminate floor covering consists of an underlay and the floorboards snap together. When laid, they remain securely in their location. Glueless laminate floor covering is frequently called “drifting flooring” since it “drifts” on top of the underlay.

Underlay varies in price from as low as R20/m2, but it’s a good idea to get a much better quality underlay, which will cost between R50 and R100/m2. Laminate floor covering, likewise, has a broad price variety, from around R150/m2 for economical 8mm thick floor covering, to a starting price of around R180–R200/m2 for 12mm thick boards. The very best quality laminate floor covering costs as much as R100/m2, but you might not have to pay that much. Great quality wood laminate drifting floorboards can cost around R400/m2. For additional info about drifting flooring, check out How Much Does Floating Floor Installation Cost?

Just how much do tile floors cost?

Tile flooring is continually popular. Just how much do they cost, tho? As a basic guideline,

  • Ceramic floor tiles will begin at about R350/m2.
  • Porcelain flooring tiles will cost about R500/m2.
  • Natural stone flooring tiles vary between R800 and R1200/m2.


These rates are for supply only. Tiles ought to be laid by expert tilers only. They usually charge by the square meter and might base their charges on the intricacy of the job. Depending upon the task, they may charge R350/m2 for an easy task and as much as R1200/m2 for an intricate task that needs patterns, styles, and several colors or sizes of tiles.

Just how much do polished concrete floors cost?

Sleek concrete floors are ending up being more popular in South African houses. If you have an existing concrete piece, it can be polished or resurfaced. Concretors who specialize in sleek concrete flooring remain in demand for brand-new house builds due to the fact that they can put your piece together and polish your flooring for you.


Why would you desire refined concrete flooring? Our post, 7 Benefits of Concrete Floors, will inform you why they are becoming so popular. Aside from charm and resilience, refined concrete flooring can be an affordable floor covering alternative. A “grind and seal” treatment on an existing piece of furniture costs between R500 and R750 per square meter, which is equivalent to other kinds of floor covering.

Just how much do polished concrete floors cost? This entry provides more information about the 3 techniques concreters utilize and their associated expenses. In essence, an entire home can have polished concrete flooring for around R50 000, depending upon the size of your house and the approach utilized. Get quotes from concrete grinding services to learn just how much your sleek concrete flooring will cost.

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