How Much Does Concrete Cutting Cost?

The concrete cutting cost per meter is based upon the depth of the cut, increasing from around R150 for a 100 mm cut to R400 for a 300 mm cut. Suppliers may charge various concrete cutting rates for different types of concrete, such as curbs and smooth rain gutters.

Concrete cutting rates rely on the type of concrete you need to cut, the gadgets made use of to do it, and whether you utilize experts or do it yourself. If you want a principle of concrete cutting cost quotes, read this guide to learn:

– When is concrete cutting needed?

– How much does concrete cutting cost?

– How much to cut concrete yourself?

– Professional concrete cutting expenses

– Getting quotes for concrete cutting expenses

When is concrete cutting needed?

There can be many factors you need to have concrete cut.

If you’re redesigning, you may need to perfectly remove part of a concrete piece while leaving the rest of the piece intact.

You might need to have development joints cut into concrete to help prevent them from breaking.


– You might want to cut concrete into convenient sized pieces to make it a lot easier to get rid of and eliminate.

Professional concrete cutting expenses

The concrete cutting cost per meter is based upon the depth of the cut, increasing from around R150 for a 100 mm cut to R400 for a 300 mm cut. Solutions may charge various concrete cutting rates for numerous sorts of concrete, such as curbs and gutters.

The type of concrete area you have will similarly affect your concrete cutting expenses. For example, exposed aggregate concrete (pebblecrete) and areas consisting of concrete floor coverings can cost more than plain concrete.

Concrete cutters will recommend the most appropriate tool based upon your requirements. An entirely gotten-ready concrete cutting, coring, and drilling organization will have a variety of floor covering sawing makers on hand. For some types of work, an electrical maker might be appropriate, while a bigger job might require a fuel or diesel-powered saw.

As a standard, the pros simply make use of hand-held saws when a job utilizes more constant and efficient wheeled cutters and hand-held saws are not useful or challenging. For any kind of “floor covering sawing” (sawing concrete on a huge, relatively flat area), the much heavier gadgets are continuously selected due to the reality that they are much quicker, much more secure, and more precise than hand-held gadgets. This also shows higher concrete cutting rates. Nevertheless, you’ll conserve cash on labor costs.

It’s similarly frequently needed to use sophisticated radar scanning gadgets to discover metal products, cables, and other things under the concrete that may pose a danger or need to be worked around.

Getting quotes for concrete cutting expenses

Concrete cutting services rarely supply quotes till they’ve ended up a site assessment. Every job is different, and while 2 jobs may sound specifically alike, upon closer evaluation, one might posture greater gain access to concerns than another or require much heavier gadgets and more time to end up.


Most concrete companies also have concrete cutting gadgets. If you need both concreting and cutting done, you’ll more than likely get the absolute best price if you get quotes from these services for all your concreting needs, rather than various concreting and cutting quotes. Nonetheless, for big cutting, drilling, concrete removal, and other jobs that involve handling existing concrete, you may be far better off getting quotes from organizations that specialize in these sorts of jobs.

Whichever service you choose (concrete, tiling or precast walling), make sure that they are accredited and guaranteed, as your state requires, and that they have experience with the type of work you need.

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