How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost

Glass swimming pool fencing is not your least costly swimming pool fencing choice, but there are lots of benefits to it, both useful and visually. It is like a ClearView Fence that is made from glass. It may not be the most inexpensive alternative, but is it economical? Keep reading to discover what you need to understand about glass swimming pool fencing and the cost of having it set up. Or if you are not a fan of reading, just get a quote.


Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing?

The leading factor for selecting glass swimming pool fencing is that it looks so trendy. Some property owners with children avoid it, however, thinking that due to the fact that it is glass, it should likewise be vulnerable. That’s not really the case, however. Made from tempered glass, it is really difficult to break. Glass can be found in 8, 10 and 12 mm densities, and many providers and installers advise 12 mm thick glass for swimming pool fencing, to prevent virtually any possibility of damage. 12mm thick glass is also perhaps the best product you can utilize for swimming pool fencing due to the fact that kids can’t climb over the slippery glass.

Glass Pool Fencing Installation Costs:

Some fencing products providers offer DIY glass swimming pool fencing sets, so if you’re fairly experienced and follow all instructions to the letter, you can conserve some cash by installing your own fence. Nevertheless, do not eliminate getting quotes from glass fence home builders. This kind of fencing can be set up really rapidly since there is so little hardware required and experienced installers will concern your house with whatever they require to finish the job rapidly and effectively. Since this service is not cheap, we also recommend checking if your pool doesn’t require pool maintenance. If it does, we recommend Swimming Pool Pros, as the greatest SA contractor. 

When comparing quotes for glass swimming pool fencing, there are some crucial things you should do beside compare costs:

  • What density of glass is being quoted at what price?
  • Does the fencing adhere to all South African requirements for swimming pool fencing? It must be a minimum of 1200 mm high, and gates should swing outwards and be self-latching.
  • Is whatever consisted of in the quote (panels, hardware, gates, hinges, and so on)?
  • Is the installer certified and guaranteed?
  • Does the fencing feature a service warranty?
  • Does the installer ensure their craftsmanship?

Independent fencing installers can charge as low as R480 per square meter for labor, but it’s most likely much better to get quotes for supply and set up. Providers make much of their benefit from the sale of the item, and setup is thought of as an additional service. They understand you will be getting relative quotes, so they will tend to keep setup charges as low as possible.


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