How Much Does it Cost to Tile a Bathroom?

The tiling is a huge part of remodeling a restroom. In truth, if you’re delighted with the design of your existing restroom and its fittings, brand-new tiles might be all you require to give your restroom a makeover. Is tiling worth it, tho? Just how much does it cost to tile a restroom?

The cost of tiles is simply one part of the total cost of tiling a restroom and can be fairly small. If you’re re-tiling, you’ll also need to consider the cost of getting rid of old tiles and will most likely also need to pay to have a water-resistant membrane set up on the flooring. Keep these things in mind when you get quotes from tilers, since some might just offer you a more affordable estimate, while others will offer you more in-depth quotes. You can also understand the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing limestone in the restroom.

How can a tiler assist with help?

A tiler does more than just ordinary tiles. A few of the other tasks they might need to do consist of:

  • Tile elimination Surface area preparation
  • Leveling and/or sloping the surface area to be tiled
  • Grouting or regrouting
  • Sealing and/or polishing tiles.

As a guideline, tilers take a look at each part of the task a little differently. They might have a set cost for retiling a basic sized shower floor and might have the ability to provide a company quote for tiling walls. However, they will most likely require more information for tiling flooring because there will be more surface area preparation and tile cutting required on the flooring.

How much does a restroom tiler cost?

Tilers utilize a variety of aspects to compute their rate, particularly:

  • The size of the task
  • How hard is your task?

Anticipate having to pay more for them to lay patterned, unbalanced, contrasting or functional tiles. If your task is extremely complex with great deals of information and data, then you are also going to pay more.

Tilers charge by the hour or by the task, but in either case, they compute their charges based upon their per-hour rate. Usually, you can expect to pay anywhere from:

  • Tiles cost R350 per square meter to R1200 per square meter for tiling. R600 per square meter, which is the average for laying restroom tiles,

Their per hour rate is not an excellent reflection of the cost of your task, however, so constantly get quotes for the task instead of asking what they charge per hour. The Tiling Pros provide you ide with the best prices on the market. Most of the time, a quote will consist of something other than the tiles, so you’ll also need to get costs for tiles before you can figure out the final cost. 

How much do tiles cost?

The cost of your tiles is a significant element in your restroom restoration job. Tiles come at a series of price points. For flooring tiles, anticipate having to pay:

  • From R350 to R500 per square meter for ceramic or porcelain tiles, high-quality porcelain costs R500 to R1000 per square meter. High-quality natural stone tiles cost R800 to R1300 per square meter for high quality.

For mosaic tiles, priced per sheet, anticipate paying:

  • 33 for one pebble impact mosaic sheet (300mm x 300mm). R470 for one interlocking mosaic sheet (300mm x 290mm).

Getting quotes from a restroom tiler

It’s constantly best to get 3 quotes for tilers, but in order to make a reasonable contrast, there are some essential things to look for, beginning with an itemized, composed quote. Some concerns to ask yourself when comparing quotes consist of:

  • Does the quote consist of tiles?
  • Does the quote consist of the elimination of old tiles and surface area preparation?
  • Is sealing, waterproofing (if required) and polishing the tiles included in the quote?

The more tilers have, the more precise their preliminary quotes can be.

The very best method of learning the cost of your tiling task is to get quotes from regional restroom tilers. This will give you a sense of what market rates are presently.

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