How much does lino flooring cost in?

Lino floor covering can be a perfect product for kitchen areas and utility rooms since it is non-slippery and soft underfoot. It can likewise be a great option for a home or an upstairs location due to its acoustic moistening properties. Today’s linoleum is anything but old-fashioned and can boost the look of any space.

Why is linoleum floor covering still a great option for house enhancements, and just how much does it cost? Linoleum (lino) is still a feasible flooring covering and can be a good option for lots of flooring. Here’s what you need to learn about linoleum floor covering.

  1. Lino versus vinyl
  2. Advantages of linoleum floor covering
  3. Lino is simple to set up.
  4. How much does linoleum floor covering cost?

Lino versus vinyl

Linoleum was developed in 1860 and was among the most popular floor covering products for practically 100 years. It was known for its sturdiness in high-traffic locations and water resistance, being utilized in kitchen areas and passages. Vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are much more recent items and are utilized more regularly than linoleum, but lino still fits in the house, particularly for the ecologically mindful customer.

Lino flooring comes in many colours and designs


Linoleum floor covering is developed from a mix of linseed oil and cork or wood flour. Linoleum floor covering is sourced from sustainable resources, so lino is thought to be an eco-friendly flooring type. It normally has a jute or canvas support and is available in both sheet and tile types. It is utilized thoroughly in schools and other big public structures due to the fact that it is difficult to use, dependable, and reasonably simple to preserve.

Vinyl floor covering initially ended up being popular after WWII and, later on, ended up being chosen over lino. It was thought of as a “contemporary” product, and vinyl floor covering does have its advantages. Nevertheless, it is normally utilized in houses and workplaces, and while it is a popular floor covering item, lino needs to not be ignored. Lino has some homes that might make it the best floor covering for houses. In reality, lino is typically incorrect for vinyl since modern-day lino is so comparable in look.


Advantages of linoleum floor covering

Lino tends to have a matte surface area, making it non-reflective. Today’s lino can, likewise, have a glossier surface, providing more choices. It is a tough floor covering product, which is why it is utilized in schools and other public locations where continuous walking can wear down some kinds of floor covering products. Lino, likewise, has other advantages:

  • It has acoustic homes that make it a great option for homes with upstairs locations.
  • Lino is soft underfoot and can be a great option for kids.
  • Lino is not slippery and can be utilized in kitchen areas, utility rooms, and other locations where water may get on the flooring.
  • Lino is made from natural products, quickly sustainable products, and typically has recycled products in it.
  • When effectively taken care of, linoleum can last as much as 40 years.
  • To keep a linoleum floor clean simply requires routine sweeping and periodic mopping.
  • Colour is instilled into lino and it is not simply a thin sheet of paper like vinyl floor covering.
  • Lino does not produce harmful indoor contamination since it is made from natural products.

Since the colour goes all the way through the lino, it will not wear away as rapidly as vinyl floor covering, which simply has a thin paper covering and sealant. That is one reason that linoleum is utilized in public locations where foot traffic is heavy. It is harder to use than vinyl, and today’s lino is simple to set up.

Timber look lino flooring


Linoleum is thought of as “old-fashioned” by some, but contemporary lino is available in a vast array of colors and textures. It can be available in strong colours, but it is likewise marbled and can have a direct pattern. It is available in sheets, but tiles are likewise offered, and tiles can be organized to produce a remarkable flooring pattern. Even sheet lino can be cut into shapes and produce sensational flooring. You can still discover lino in “retro” styles, and a few of them may be perfect for a kitchen area or utility room. In numerous circumstances, retro styles are popular, and having a lino floor covering in an old haute couture style can be an interesting style.



Lino is likewise offered in modern-day styles and colours, consisting of wood grain and slab linoleum. Lino has actually stayed up to date with the times and has actually enhanced, so it can be an excellent floor covering product that is both tough to use and lovely.

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Lino is simple to set up.

Today’s lino is simple to set up, making it an excellent option for DIY setup. The subfloor ought to be flat and devoid of particles, and it’s a great idea to position linoleum in the space you are going to install it in for 24 hours since lino can shrink and broaden. Leaving it in the space will enable it to diminish or broaden as it needs to, and you will not have issues later.

Lino tiles feature adhesive, so all you need to do is peel the support off and lay the lino tiles. If you buy lino that does not have an adhesive, glues are offered and must cover a whole sheet of lino.

Cutting lino is fairly simple, however make certain you sufficed to precise measurements. Both sheet and tiles can be set up in patterns, however more intricate patterns need to be laid by experts.

Linoleum was traditionally more difficult to set up due to the fact that it was stiffer than vinyl. Today, it can be simple to set up due to the enhancements and the addition of adhesive to vinyl tiles. Sheets can be more difficult to set up, and you might wish to have them set up by experts who understand how to make specific measurements for any space.

How much does linoleum floor covering cost?

For supply, lino floor covering costs around R300 per square metre or R550 per square metre set up. The very best quality linoleum floor covering might cost around R700 per square metre, including setup. You can get quotes for linoleum floor covering from a lot of floor covering stores that also offer vinyl and laminate floor covering.

Budget plan vinyl floor covering begins at R300 per square metre and increases to R450 for basic quality and approximately R900 for vinyl slab floor covering. This is for supply only, and setup can be anywhere between R260 and R350 per square metre.

Lino flooring is provided in sheets

Lino floor covering can be a perfect product for cooking areas and utility rooms since it is non-slippery and soft underfoot. It can likewise be an excellent option for an apartment or condo or upstairs location due to its acoustic moistening properties. Today’s linoleum is anything but old-fashioned and can improve the look of any space.

Think about lino for any space in your house that has high traffic, consisting of corridors, entrances, and other spaces. Due to the fact that the colour goes through the lino, the colour will last and you will not have bald areas appear. Search for great quality lino and be impressed by the range offered today. Lino can be found in lots of colours and patterns, consisting of contemporary and retro patterns. It can be an ideal floor covering product, and once it’s laid, nobody will have the ability to tell whether it’s linoleum or vinyl. Both floor covering products can look similar, but linoleum is more economical and more eco-friendly.

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