How To Install A USB Wall Socket In Your Home

How to set up the USB electrical outlet In South Africa, only certified electrical experts can set up electrical outlets, USB or otherwise. Without the best understanding and tools, you can quickly set up a socket with insufficient power, produce a fire threat or electrocute yourself.

  1. What is a USB?
  2. Kinds of USB power points
  3. The advantages of a USB electrical outlet in the house
  4. How to set up a USB electrical outlet?
  5. Who can set up USB powerpoints for me? 
  6. How much does it cost to set up USB powerpoints?

We’re utilizing more innovation in our daily lives than ever before. The new age of ‘clever innovations’ has actually been the breeding place for any type of smart gadgets you can think about – from smartwatches to clever tablets and from to e-books to smarter phones; we’ve got it all.

As an outcome of the mobility of these gadgets, though, we’re consistently in need of having them totally charged for another technology-induced day. If we do not get a complete charge, we can feel lost.

With this newly found reliance on wise gadgets – the majority of which need a USB outlet to charge – why are many individuals still utilizing standard power sockets?

Nowadays, you can have a USB electrical outlet set up in your house to assist charge your preferred and most-used clever innovations, without needing to utilize several power points.

To what cost though? And how do you install them? This guide gives you price quotes of just how much USB powerpoints will cost to set up in your house and who the very best individual is to do the task.

Installing USB powerpoints gives more charging options

What is a USB?

Let’s get down to brassadds: what is a USB? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it’s a reasonably basic kind of connection for my electrical gadgets.

The USB port is the socket in which a USB really suits, and these can be found most typically in computer systems or laptop computers. The USB is what is placed into the port, and the real USB gadget can be a stick for holding memory or a cable for charging gadgets. Other uses for USB cables are to link electronic gadgets, such as your phone to your laptop computer, your mouse to your computer system, and your keyboard to your computer system. However, the most typically utilized USB ports are for charging portable electronic gadgets, and these kinds of outlets can now be found in hotel spaces, airports, and some workplaces to cater to the growing needs of individuals requiring their gadgets to operate at 100%. And the very best part about charging your gadgets through a USB port is that they charge faster than those from a standard socket.

Kinds of USB power points

Similar to conventional power sockets in the house, USB power points can be found in a range of types. You can dedicate a power socket entirely to USB outlets, with one, two, or even six USB outlets on one board, making it a devoted station for powering gadgets that charge from a USB cable. 

There is, likewise, the alternative of integrating standard power sockets (three-prong electrical points) with USB sockets, making the outlet a multi-functional charging area. This enables you to charge electrical gadgets with various electrical supporting cables all in one location. 

The mix can be what you will discover most helpful – 2 standard sockets with one USB outlet, double sockets for both, or any proper mix of each that you believe fits best. 

The surface of a USB power point follows the exact same requirements as conventional power sockets, with various plates and colours offered to produce a consistent appearance throughout your house.

The advantages of a USB electrical outlet in the house

So, why should you go on with setting up USB powerpoints in your house? Well, there are a couple of respectable advantages to having actually devoted USB powerpoints.

To start with, they will charge your electrical gadgets quicker than utilizing a conventional electrical power socket. Basically, USB outlets have 3 times more power than that of a normal electrical outlet – the greater amperage of a USB socket has the ability to charge your gadgets much quicker.

Another fantastic advantage of setting up USB powerpoints in the house is that it reduces the dependence on utilizing powerboards for numerous gadgets that might be quickly charged with USB powerpoints. Powerboards can be potential risks in the house if they get too hot or have a lot of cable televisions connected at the exact same time. Having adequate direct sockets to charge your gadgets eliminates this danger, making your house a safe environment.

The third essential advantage of setting up USB powerpoints in the house is that it merely maximizes normal powerpoints for other gadgets that require these outlets. No more lingering to charge several gadgets simultaneously!

A small advantage is that you can conserve area by setting up brand-new sockets that are sunk into the wall. Ask GP electricians – they understand how to set up a recessed powerpoint, and if it’s possible in your specific wall, to see if it’s a possibility for you.

USB wall sockets charge devices more quickly

How to Set Up a USB Electrical Outlet in South Africa

Only certified electrical experts can set up electrical outlet, USB or otherwise. Without the ideal understanding and tools, you can quickly set up a socket with insufficient power, develop a fire threat, or electrocute yourself. 

You can alter the cover yourself if you desire a different colour, for instance. Prior to doing this, it’s essential to switch off the electrical energy to the powerpoint to prevent injury. Who can set up USB powerpoints for me? The only individual who can set up USB powerpoints for you is a qualified, certified electrical contractor. Under no scenario is this task a diy task, no matter how useful you are with the tools. It’s against state and federal law for anybody else, however, a certified electrical expert to undertake this work for you.

Having an expert get the job done isn’t just doing what’s right by the law; it is, likewise, the only method to attain cool and working outcomes.

A sparkie will have the ability to likewise provide you with a signed electrical certificate that basically confirms the setup for you, providing you with assurance.

It’s not negotiable that brand-new powerpoints satisfy the pertinent South African requirements, which implies they’ve been fitted and evaluated to fulfill all security requirements. Electrical experts can set up USB powerpoints in brand-new houses throughout the building stage, in addition to retrofitting powerpoints into existing houses where normal powerpoints currently exist.

USB wall sockets must only be installed by certified electricians

How much does it cost to set up USB powerpoints?

So, just how much does it cost to set up a power point in your house? Here is a breakdown of expenses, depending upon the variety of sockets in the mix with normal electric outlets:

  • R120 for a double powerpoint with a double USB battery charger (lower-end brand name)

  • R270 for a double USB battery charger (no normal powerpoints consisted of)

  • R320 for a single powerpoint with double USB battery charger

  • R370 for a double powerpoint with a double USB battery charger (higher-end brand name)

  • RR450 for a quad USB battery charger (no common powerpoints consisted of)

The price of the USB powerpoints is the very first factor to consider in the overall cost of setup, with the second factor to consider being the cost of labour. Electrical experts usually charge a call out charge or a preliminary hour cost, which can be anywhere from R700 – R1300. Afterwards there will be a flat rate for every single hour, generally R7000 – R9500 for each hour worked. The cost of labour will differ depending upon where you live, the intricacy of the task, and kind of powerpoints being set up.

As an approximation for the general cost of having USB powerpoints set up in your house, anticipate to pay around R1500 in overall; product and service consisted of.


USB devices are becoming more and more common

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