2022 Precast Walling Prices

Precast Walling prices range from R650 to R1400 per meter, there are many styles to choose from and prices also depend on the style, height or colours. These prices include installation.

Having good security is very important, precast walling is a very good source of security for your home or business and it also looks neat and tidy. 

Security spikes, electric fencing, pedestrian gates or a main gate, are all extras and will be quoted for separately.

Prices of precast walling per metre including installation are listed below:

 Precast Walling Prices Per Meter Installed  

Standard Precast Walling2.1m highFrom R650 per metre
Standard Precast Walling2.4m highFrom R705 per metre
Standard Precast Walling2.7m highFrom R760 per metre
Crushed Clay Precast Walling1.8m highFrom R820 per metre
Crushed Clay Precast Walling2.1m highFrom R920 per metre
Crushed Clay Precast Walling2.4m highFrom R998 per metre
Heavy Duty Precast Walling2.4m highFrom R1300 per metre
Heavy Duty Precast Walling2.7m highFrom R1400 per metre

The Cost of Precast Walling is determined by:

Precast walling prices depend on the type of precast, whether crushed, clay, louver, jumbo or plain, the height, length, durability, and extras included, for example, electric fencing, security spikes, and gates. You can contact Precast Walling Pros to get best prices in the area.

Precast walling durability

If precast walling is installed properly it is known to be very durable and long-lasting with very little maintenance.

Heavy duty precast walling is much more durable, but it will cost you more.The cost of heavy duty precast walling ranges from R1300 to R1400 per metre, depending on the height. 

Precast wall Height

Precast walls can give you additional security and peace of mind. A standard precast wall is 2.1m high, 2.4m or 2.7m high.

The price of the wall depends on the height, the higher the wall the more it will cost. 

Precast walling Length

The longer the Precast walling is the more expensive, as the wall is priced per metre

The type of precast walling

The price of the precast walling will be determined by the type of precast walling chosen. The most expensive precast walling is the heavy duty walling, but it is durable and longer lasting. Standard precast walling is more cost effective such as louvre, jumbo and plain precast. The crushed clay is an attractive mid-range option.

Precast Walling Types

There are a good amount of precast walling to choose from: heavy duty, crushed clay, plain, jumbo and louvre. 

Precast Walling – Plain

Plain precast walling is a neutral style and has medium-sized bricks, the cost of plain precast walling ranges from R650 to R760 per metre

Precast Walling – Louvre

Louvre precast walling can be left plain or painted, it has thin, horizontal bricks and is the most cost effective ranging from R650 to R760 per metre   

Precast Walling – Crushed Clay

Crushed clay precast walling never has to be painted or washed, it suits most properties and gives your home or business character as it suits most properties. 

The price for crushed clay precast walling ranges from R820 to R998 per metre.

Precast Walling – Heavy Duty

Heavy duty precast walling is the best choice if you want first-class security for your home or business. Heavy duty walling is the most expensive option as they are made of high quality and durable materials. 

The prices range from R1300 to R1400 per metre for heavy duty precast walling.

 Precast Walling – Jumbo

Jumbo precast walling can be left raw, coloured or painted and has very large bricks. Installing jumbo precast walling is quick, provides security and plenty of privacy to your business or home.

Jumbo precast walling prices range from R650 and R760 per metre

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