2021 Shadeport Price Guide

Depending on the material used and the size they can range from around R8700 to R20500.  Shadeports come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours to make your residential or commercial property look attractive and are much cheaper than garages or carports and they also provide hail, rain and UV protection for cars. 

Shadeports prices are affected by

The following affects shadeports prices

Shadeport structure for example wall-mounted, standalone, cantilever or back-to-back cantilever, size of shadeport examples seen on list above, shape of shadeport, whether domed, arched or pyramid, current price of steel, where you live, preparation and labour used.

Size of Shadeport 

There are shadeport sizes to suit your needs depending on whether you need a shadeport for several cars or 1 car. 

There are 4 sizes of Shadeports available, single car shadeport, double car shadeport, 3 car shade port, and 4 car shadeport. We can also combine and install shadeports next to each other should you need one for more than 4 cars.

Shape of Shadeport 

There are many shapes of Shadeports such as dome-shaped, arched, and pyramid depending on what suits your property. 

There are a variety of colours to suit the look of your building. 

Structure of Shadeport

The structure of the shadeport all depends on where the shadeport must be installed, if the shadport needs to be built next to a building or walls, it can be wall-mounted, while back-to-back cantilevers or cantilevers are better if you do not want to use lots of poles.

Shadeports prices 

Depending on the materials used shadeports could cost from R8700 TO R20500 all depending on the materials used and the size.  

See below for the cost of shadeports:

Cantilevered Shadeport (1 Car)R 11 500
Cantilevered Shadeport (2 Car)R 12 000
Cantilevered Shadeport (3 Car)R 12 500
Regular 4-Post Shadeport (1 Car)R 8 500
Regular 4-Post Shadeport (2 Car)R 9 100
Regular 4-Post Shadeport (3 Car)R 10 000

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