What are bamboo flooring prices like?

If you’re preparing to update your floor covering, bamboo is a lovely, long-lasting, economical alternative.

Nevertheless, there’s more to purchasing bamboo floor covering than simply the wood. To exercise bamboo floor covering rates, you need to make certain you consist of product expenses, floor covering and setup quotes, and more.


Bamboo flooring on staircase

Bamboo is quick-growing, difficult, and durable. When the innovation appeared, it was an apparent option for sustainable floor covering. Three approaches are currently being utilized to make bamboo floor coverings: 

  • The bamboo stems are cut into lengths and combined with the external shell to make them up. Called a “horizontal structure,” this kind of bamboo exposes the distinct nodes that determine it as bamboo.

  • “Vertically structured” bamboo floor covering exposes the inner layers to provide a direct, consistent look.

  • Strand woven bamboo floor covering is produced under high pressure. The finished item looks more like a standard wood floor covering, with variations in the grain pattern.

One of the significant advantages of bamboo floor covering is its strength, but some ranges are more powerful than others. If your spending plan can extend to hair woven bamboo, you’ll discover it’s even more powerful than vertically or horizontally structured bamboo.

Bamboo floor covering is readily available as tongue and grooved lengths comparable to standard wood floor covering, or much shorter “click lock” drifting flooring systems.

Click lock DIY renovators typically pick bamboo floor coverings due to the fact that they do not need glue or nails. For the very same reason, it is more affordable to have it expertly set up than tongue and groove floor covering, which needs to be glued to the existing flooring, just like tiling. Normally, little or no surface area preparation is required, but if it is, additional charges will be incurred. We can offer you the best service if you are looking for Tiling Pros.

The cost of bamboo floor coverings

Although costs can differ throughout South Africa, expert installers tend to estimate between R800 and R900 per sq.m to lay bamboo floor covering. These floor covering expenses will consist of not just laying the brand-new product, but likewise preparing the surface area, setting up underlay and the elimination and replacement of skirting boards.

The setup cost can vary depending upon the quality of the floor covering product and the adhesive utilized. If you select a click-lock floor covering, the kind of underlay you select can considerably increase the cost. Unlike other floor covering choices, bamboo floor covering comes stained and completed as basic, so you do not have any additional expenses after it’s been laid.

Another thing to think about is that the majority of bamboo providers will provide discount rates for larger amounts of floor covering. For instance,

  • Up to 30 square meters of basic grade bamboo floor covering may cost R550m2.

  • 85 to 175 square meters of the exact same floor covering may cost R500m2

  • 250 square meters or more can cost as little as R450m2

When you get quotes for the supply and setup of bamboo floor covering, make certain you evaluate and compare them thoroughly. Does “setup” consist of underlay and the elimination and replacement of skirting boards? What kind of bamboo floor covering does the quote consist of? Bamboo floor covering is available in several levels of quality, and paying a bit extra for high quality bamboo can make a substantial distinction.

If you’re preparing to update your floor covering, bamboo is a stunning, long-lasting, cost-efficient alternative. Use our ‘Usage’ guide to discover your regional floor-covering expert and get a quote.


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