Pool cleaning Edenvale

Pool maintenance services Edenvale

Service Areas in Edenvale

Our pool maintenance pros offer services all areas in and around Edenvale.
Greenstone – Harmelia – Highway Gardens – Buurendal – Croydon

Keep your pool looking its best throughout the year. You have plenty of time to chill while one of the Edenvale swimming pool maintenance pros looks after the servicing of your pool. A deeply cleaned pool that looks bright.

To have a radiant clean pool, it should be cleaned on a per week basis.

Our pool maintenance services consist of:

  • Determining pool chemical levels
  • Cleaning of filter system, skimmer bags, weirs, and baskets
  • Vacuuming the pool’s surface
  • Backwashing your pool
  • Pool cleaning through cleaning
  • Treating your pool with the correct chemicals
  • Pool Repairs and assessments

Reasons To Hire A Swimming Pool Service Specialist in Edenvale

Cost- effective – It is more cost-effective to use an expert for cleaning and maintenance of your pool, a pro will only use the right amount of chemicals which are very expensive. Added to that a pro will detect problems before they reach an irreparable state and have to be replaced. 

Correct pH balance – Balancing the chemicals in your pool is tricky, leave it to a pro to get the pH of your pool just right.

Regular inspections – Ensure your pool is running flawlessly.

Saves time – Spend time enjoying your pool with your friends and family rather than maintaining and cleaning it for hours. A pool cleaning pro will keep your pool looking good all year round without you wasting your time.

Advice from a pro – Aside from the regular cleaning and maintenance one of the Local Pros will provide you with advice on pool renovations and equipment as well. For pool cleaning and maintenance in Edenvale request a quote today.

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