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Damaged roof? We can fix your roof fast. Don’t wait to let more damage happen.

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Get your free inspection to find out how bad your damage is and what the solution is.

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Each roofing fix and repair will come with a full warranty to ensure it lasts for many years.

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With qualified roofing contractors on the road throughout Cape Town in Cape Town,cape town,Cape Town,Cape Town Metro,Western Cape,Cape Town City – Stellenbosh – Paal – Franschhoek – Durbanville – Belville – Blouburgstrand – Somerset West – Strand – Constantia – Brackenfell – Fish Hoek – Goodwood – Hout Bay – Milnerton – Muizenberg,Cape Town (Northern and Southern Suburbs) we can assist you with a free roof repairs inspection.
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Roofing Services Cape Town

Roof Renovations and New Roof Installations Cape Town

Bring new life to your home with roof painting, replacing chipped or broken tiles, fascia boards, renovate your roof to make it look as good as new. We offer a full range of Roofing in Cape Town

Roof Waterproofing in Cape Town

If your roof is leaking you need to have that fixed before it causes more damage.

Sagging roofs

If your roof starts to sag it will also begin to leak water and it also points to structural issues that could be dangerous.

Tile replacements

Broken tiles are common and need to be replaced before your ceiling gets damaged.

Ceiling repairs Cape Town

Broken or damaged ceilings are easy to replace. Get a quote.

Roof repair contractor Cape Town

A damaged roof can cause various problems to the structure of your building in Cape Town. It can cause dampness on the walls and ceiling. Insulation can be compromised which can make your house too hot during summers and too cold during winters. If you use air conditioning system poor roof insulation can increase your electricity bills.

If you find any damage on your roof, even minor, you suspect damaged insulation for the high electricity bill call roofing repair contractors immediately to see what the problem is.

Roof Inspection Service

As roofing professionals, know where and why damage occurs and how to fix it once and for all. Some damages and problematic areas are not visible by everyone. You have to be a professional to see the signs of damage.

The damage usually starts at the joints in the roof if there are any, around AC vents, roof joints, ridge caps and other common places.

Book your free inspection which will look for cracks on the tiles, any loose tiles, water drainage system, fascia boards on the edge of the roof.

Even if the problem is minor, it should be ignored. The cost of repairing minor roof damage is far less than doing major repairs. And minor damages that are left untreated can later become a bigger problem and will cost you a lot more.

The types of roofs in Cape Town

Clay or Terracotta tiled roof

This kind of roots are far more common than any other type of roofing system. These roofs get weathered easily and are prone to water leakage due to loose and cracked tiles and bad drainage, it overtime damages the roof. Get a restoration service which includes replacing broken tiles. Re-roofing areas that are damaged beyond repair. Fixing loose tiles and filling gaps between tiles with waterproof material.

Slate tiles

Slate tiles are very similar to clay tiles but they are not man-made and are a little bit costlier than clay tiles. Slate tiles can also break, crack and flake over time due to natural elements. Roofing repair contractors will help you to restore your damaged Slate tiles, provide roof replacement services.

Flat roof

Concrete Flat roof or bitumen flat roof can be treated for waterproofing, seal coating if shows signs of water damage. Restore damaged flat roofs restored.

Metal roof/ roof sheets

Repair rusted roof sheeting. Rust management and replacement services. Roof replacement services for the roof that are rusted all the way and are not possible to rescue. If the Roof sheetings are made of poor quality material it can get damaged sooner.

Roof Repair Techniques

Some of the roof repair techniques used in Cape Town involve:

Waterproofing roofs that soak moisture and make your walls and ceiling damp.

Replacing rotten Fascia Boards due to water drippage. New water-resistant Fascia boards can be installed and for better water drainage be constructed.

We place broken tiles. Install new tiles. Seal gaps between tiles.

Re-roofing/Roof Replacement in Cape Town

For an old roof that is too worn down to be repaired, needs a complete roof replacement in Cape Town. Our Cape Town roofing contractors are highly skilled people who can install the entire roof efficiently so that there are no problems in the near future. The roofs are reinforced perfectly to last more than 10 years.

We provide roofing services for all kinds of roofs. For example tiled roof, flat roof and metal roof. We work with the best professionals who are specifically trained for each kind of roofing system. We provide the best services for our customers.

Call now to inspect roof damage and get your free inspection.

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