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Burglar Bars - Tamper Proof, Built Strong

  • Range of Colour Options
  • Custom Made
  • Built Tough
Burglar Bars Quote
  • Stop Intruders Coming In Your Window
    The easiest point of entry for a burglar is to come in through your window. Get Burglar Bars today.
  • Custom Burglar Bars
    Get your free site inspection and have your burglar bars custom made for your home or work place.
  • Match your home or office
    You do not want your home or office looking like a prison. We will match your colours and style to blend in.

Burglar Bar Features

Protect your home from intruders coming through windows and other openings.

  • Insurance approved
  • Windows of all sizes and shapes
  • Custom made to fit perfectly every time
  • Built to withstand crowbars
  • Full Warranty
  • Affordable and built for life

The ultimate security choice for homes and workplaces with lots of windows that need protecting.

Choose from a range of window burglar guard design options, all of which can be powder coated to match your property.

  • Private and Secure
  • Fast Response
  • Affordable
Burglar Bars Quote

Burglar Bars Costing Information​

Burglar Bars
Burglar Bars Quote