How much does a locksmith cost?

How much does a locksmith professional cost? It’s not a simple concern to address since locksmith professionals can do even more than you may anticipate them to do. Their expenses will depend upon the kind of task they do, the time of day, the intricacy of the task and other elements.

Expect a locksmith professional in South Africa to cost anywhere from R150-R3300, depending upon the task they are doing. While little jobs like rekeying a lock and offering two secrets can cost as little as R150 to R190, after hours or emergency situation services can cost anywhere from R2200 to R3300, depending upon the locksmith professional. Our clients usually compare us with GP Locksmith.

Here’s what you need to learn about locksmith professionals, the tasks they do, and their expenses.

  1. What can a locksmith professional do?
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  3. How much does a locksmith professional cost?

What can a locksmith professional do?

When we consider locksmith professionals, we typically think about two things. A locksmith professional may operate in a stall in a shopping center and make brand-new secrets, or we may require a locksmith professional’s emergency situation services when we get locked out of our home or vehicle. In fact, skilled locksmith professionals can do far more than those tasks.

  • They can rekey an existing lock, which is an excellent concept if you’ve relocated to a brand-new home.
  • Locksmith professionals can set up door handles or a deadbolt on an existing door.
  • A locksmith professional can get rid of the damaged secret for you if a secret has actually broken off in a lock.
  • Lots of locksmith professionals set up keyless systems and electronic lock systems.
  • Locksmith professionals likewise do vehicle locks and ignitions.

These are a few of the more standard tasks most locksmith professionals can do. Many surpass these standard services. Some might have the ability to:

  • Set up a security door for you.
  • service a safe or a security system.
  • Set up locks on windows.
  • Set up locks on garage doors or sheds.

Emergency situation services belong to a locksmith professional’s trade. A great locksmith professional can pertain to your home or automobile at any time to assist you with access to your home or vehicle. They can likewise supply you with brand-new secrets or do whatever it takes to permit you to have access to your home, automobile, or business residential or commercial property.

A locksmith professional will come to your property in a van totally geared up with whatever the locksmith professional requires to get the task done. This consists of both tasks done throughout typical working hours and emergency situation services. If it’s an emergency situation, they can give you access to your house, industrial home, or automobile and repair the issue in the area without needing to go back to a different area. The only exception to this rule will be if you require a brand-new lock and door deal with. They might not have the best parts on hand in the van, but they can provide you with protected entry and finish the task later on.


Locksmiths can, likewise, examine all the locks in your house or service and provide you with recommendations on how to increase security. They might recommend setting up security doors, deadbolts, locks on windows, locks on garages, or other locks as required. They will offer you a quote for the price of whatever it is, and you can select which products you believe you require. As an amateur, you might neglect some crucial aspects of your locks:

Indoor locks do not need to fulfill the requirements set for outside locks, which are exposed to the weather conditions. A knowledgeable locksmith professional will make certain the locks they install satisfy or go beyond South African requirements.

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How much does a locksmith professional cost?

The typical annual wage of locksmith professionals in South Africa is R610,000. The cost of their services will depend on numerous factors. During regular working hours, you will get a less expensive rate. Some normal expenses throughout typical working hours might be:

  • R1000 for 2 door locks
  • It costs R2000 to have all seven locks rekeyed.
  • It cost R500 to re-install a round push button lock that had actually been set up improperly.
  • It costs R2000 to fit an external door and set up locks.

These are approximate costs and might not consist of the call out rate of around R650 to R1100. When you think about it, a locksmith professional needs to come to your house and do the work. The prices above are extremely reasonable when you take travel time into consideration.

Usually, locksmith professionals might charge (not consisting of the call out charge):

  • Re-keying a lock and supplying two secrets costs R150 to R190 plus GST.
  • It costs R200 to fit a brand-new secret to a lock (it consists of 2 secrets).
  • Lock repair work might cost R660 for labor alone.

After-hours work can be a fair bit more pricey. Some normal after-hours charges might be:

  • R1750 is a common rate for prior to or after typical working hours.
  • R2200 is a common rate for 9:00 p.m. to midnight emergency situation services.
  • After midnight services, a charge of R3300 might be made.

applied. Locksmith professional expenses can differ extensively, and it might depend upon the intricacy of the task. For instance, you may pay

  • It costs between R300 and R3000 to alter locks, depending on the kind of lock.
  • Rekeying a lock without altering the pins costs R150 to R200 per door.
  • Rekeying can cost between R400 and R1000 if the locksmith professional reorganizes the pins in the lock so the old secret can not work.
  • Secret cutting can cost anywhere from R40 to R200, depending upon the kind of essential.

These expenses will not consist of the call out charge if the locksmith professional concerns your house.


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