How Much Does it Cost To Install Downlights?

Considering setting up downlights?

Downlights can help include more light or alter the state of mind of an area, and they are a popular choice if you have the ideal ceiling. In order to set up downlights, holes need to be drilled in your ceiling to house them, and the circuitry fed and linked to a wall switch. Sometimes individuals replace overhead lighting with downlights, or change existing halogen downlights for more energy effective LED variations.

And though you can alter lightbulbs and purchase downlights yourself, you will still need to work with an electrical expert to install them.


Why set up LED lighting?

LED lighting has actually been extensively embraced for a variety of factors, consisting of for:

  • It is exceptionally energy effective (as much as 85% cheaper to run than an incandescent bulb).
  • It produces reasonably little heat (compared to halogen bulbs), so it is more secure for use in ceiling cavities.
  • It has outstanding durability.

Changing your halogen downlights with LEDs

Changing or retrofitting halogen downlights with LED downlights is a progressively popular choice, with energy cost savings and durability the apparent drawcards. The primary step is to figure out if your existing downlights are 240V (GU10) or 12V (MR16). This will identify what kind of LED bulb you require to purchase. If you are preparing to retrofit, here are some aspects that might impact the cost of your task:

  • You can directly swap out the bulb or whole light fitting.
  • Various fittings need to be changed.
  • For ease of access to your ceiling cavity,
  • The health of your electrical wiring and electrical system is

In regards to a direct contrast, 10 LED downlights would utilize 75 percent less energy and conserve you in the area of R2700 over a year if you replaced 10 x 60 watt halogen downlight security.

Incorrectly set up downlights have actually been linked to a variety of home fires. And while LED bulbs do run a lot cooler than halogens, they still produce some heat, which is why they frequently have a heat sink integrated into them (see image listed below). If you are setting up LED bulbs in an enclosed area, such as a ceiling cavity, you will need to try to find systems that are authorized for this function.

Fires triggered by incorrectly set up downlights ended up being such an issue, federal government authorities provided caution, and South African standards for downlights were tightened up. The authorities made these suggestions to all South Africans thinking about setting up downlights:

  • Just utilize certified electrical experts to set up downlights.
  • Just purchase downlights that satisfy or surpass South African standards.
  • Guarantee that only non-combustible products surround the downlights and/or a security checked mechanical barrier is included in the setup.
  • Think about replacing halogen downlights with LED downlights or setting up LED lights instead of halogens.

For this reason, gp electrical experts are the tradies certified to set up downlights.



Find a regional electrician now.

How much does it cost to set up downlights?

When electrical contractors estimate their setup, they will normally base their quote on the variety of downlights and the difficulty of the setup. Sparkies will charge a flat service charge and a per hour rate. The service charge will frequently cover the very first 30 minutes during which they are dealing with your task.

Anticipate them charging a service charge in the area of R700-R1300 and R700-R950 per hour afterwards. For that reason, quotes for downlight setup can differ drastically. Some electrical contractors might charge as much as R1000 per downlight, but anticipate being charged around R600-R750 per point for setting up LED downlights. You can likewise purchase downlight sets that include the bulb, driver, fitting, lead, and plug. Some common costs are:

  • R180 for a 12W downlight set (single system, low profile, and dimmable).
  • R250 for a 13W LED downlight set (single system, dimmable).

Expect LED lights to come with a 5 year service warranty and last approximately 50,000 hours.


Hiring an electrical contractor

Unlicensed electrical work is not just illegal in South Africa; it might also present a major hazard to the health and wellness of your house. And although each state and area has a little different policies and classes for electrical experts, they all need to be licensed before they can carry out work in your house. When it comes time to work with a sparkie, you require to ensure they are best for your task. Some concerns to inquire about consist of:

  • Are you certified?
  • Are you guaranteed to operate in my house?
  • Can you supply a composed quote?
  • Do you have any recommendations I can follow up on?

Getting quotes for downlights

If you get quotes from electrical experts in your city, you can request a supply and set up quotes for your downlight job. 

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