Floor Tile Installation Costs in South Africa will range anywhere from R200 – R1500 per square metre with Ceramic and Vinyl tiles being the more affordable options and Porcelain or Natural Stone costing more.

  • Vinyl flooring tiles: R300 to R1000 per square metre
  • Ceramic or porcelain flooring tiles: R200 to R1500 per square metre
  • Natural stone flooring tiles: R300 to R1250 per square metre

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Factors Influencing Floor Tile Installation Costs

Tiling a floor might seem straightforward, but several factors contribute to the cost variability between projects. Here are some key considerations:

  • Surface Preparation: Installing tiles on lumber floorboards requires a waterproof membrane to protect the material beneath. This membrane must be carefully applied and involves both labour and expensive materials, adding significantly to the cost.
  • Complexity of Installation: Bathroom installations are more complex due to the need for a sloped floor to facilitate water drainage and a waterproof membrane beneath the tiles. These additional requirements make bathroom tiling more labour-intensive and costly, often doubling the price compared to simpler areas like living rooms.
  • Room Size and Tile Cutting: Smaller rooms may not reduce the cost of tiling significantly because they often require intricate tile cutting to fit the space, which is labour-intensive. This can result in higher costs per square meter compared to larger areas where tiles fit more straightforwardly.
  • Tile Finishing: Post-installation, some tiles might need sealing to prevent water damage and maintain their aesthetic. This sealing process involves additional materials and labour, increasing the overall expense of the project.
  • Removal of Previous Flooring: The existing flooring must be removed before new tiles can be installed. This process includes not only the labour to remove the old materials but also the preparation of the underlying surface for new tiling, which can vary in complexity and cost.

Tile Installation costs are typically as follows:

  • Vinyl flooring tiles: R300 to R1000 per square metre
  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles: R200 to R1500 per square metre
  • Natural stone tiles: R300 to R1250 per square metre
  • Mosaic tiles: R35 to R300 per sheet, plus labour

All of the above prices are estimates for floor tiling with materials and labour included except for mosaic tiles as labour can vary immensely

Hiring the Best Tiling Contractor for Your Job

Choosing the right tiling contractor is crucial for ensuring high-quality work. To make an informed decision, it’s important to request comprehensive, itemized quotes. This not only helps you understand the total cost but also ensures you are comparing equivalent services without hidden charges.

A detailed quote covering the entire job rather than just a per square metre rate will reveal the full scope of what’s included and any additional costs. Comparing these complete quotes makes it easier to see the value offered by each contractor.

Before finalizing your choice, try to review previous work by the contractor or ask for references from past clients. This can give you confidence in their reliability and quality of work. A well-established reputation in the community often indicates a trustworthy professional.

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