2022 New Pool Price List

To install a new swimming pool the price could range from R70 000 to R130 000.

Do you want to invest in something worthwhile this year? You can have a swimming pool installed for you and your family. 

The cost of a pool installation is based on the size of the swimming pool, the shape of the swimming pool, or whether there are any extras or not. The extras could include decking, lighting, etc.

See below for the cost of new swimming pools (Excluding any extras):

Pool Price List Based on Size 

6m x 3m Swimming PoolApproximately         R   65000
7m x 4m Swimming PoolApproximately         R   75000
8m x 4m Swimming PoolApproximately         R   85000
10m x 5m Swimming PoolApproximately         R 100000
12m x 6m Swimming PoolApproximately         R 120000

New pool pricing is determined by:

For a new swimming pool, it could cost between R65 000 and R120 000. This all depends on the size, shape, depth, filtration system, and cleaning technique.

The Swimming pool size

Smaller pools are cheaper to install and maintain, while bigger cost more to install and maintain. The small pool (6m x 3m) is nice if you have a small property or you are in a complex where there is not much space. If you have a larger family a bigger pool is much better. You can check our page on pool maintenance.

Types of Material used for Swimming pools

The Materials used for Swimming pools would depend on the choice of the customer and what they prefer.  The choice of materials is concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl lining.

The depth and shape of Swimming pools

The Swimming pool size depends on the size of the garden and the space you want to utilize.

Shallow swimming pools are nice for smaller children or if you just want to cool down and splash around, it will also cost less to maintain.

For the larger pool, the digging will be deeper and wider, which will also be more expensive. But we offer only the best prices.

Optional Extras when installing a swimming pool

There are many kinds of extras you might require when installing a new swimming pool. One of the most common additions can be features such as Waterfalls, water slides and diving boards. If you want some extra light at night you can add extra pool lighting or a heating system to keep your pool warm during the winter months. Wooden decking is an attractive way of framing your pool, with additional steps going into the pool.

Any extras chosen will increase the cost of the swimming pool.

Prices On Pool Maintenance

Regular pool cleaning services would cost you between R600 and R1000 per month, the maintenance includes accessories, treatments, and chemicals.

Pool Maintenance contracts start from R750 to R1050 depending on the pool type and size.  This is an extra service we offer if you do not have time to clean and maintain your pool. You can get the best prices on the market by contacting Swimming Pool Pros.

Prices on renovating a pool 

Pool maintenance is a must.  By maintaining your pool regularly, you can prevent cracks, filtration, and technical issues. Your pool type, filtration system, and size determine the cost of the renovations. You can ask our team to help you with that.

Prices on pool repairs 

There are many factors to determine if your pool is not functioning properly such as a cracked surface, a fitting on the pump could be broken or worn, skimmer leaking, pump leaking, filter malfunction or a congested pump.

A swimming pool repair price will depend on what the problem is, whether parts are needed or not. You could probably pay from R750 to R2500 for minor pool repairs, but your local pool company will advise you and give you an accurate cost.  

Relining of swimming pool prices 

Vinyl-lined swimming pools will eventually have to be re-lined, usually every decade. The cost will depend on the shape and size of the pool. For an accurate quote contact your local pool experts. 

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