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Pool cleaning and maintenance services

  • Sparking clean pool all year
  • Correct dosing of chemicals
  • Maintenance of pool equipment
Pool cleaning Quote

In order to enjoy a clean and healthy swimming pool all year round, you will need to make sure your pool is regularly maintained and cleaned. Contact us today for assistance with the following services: 

  • Pool maintenance and servicing
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Supply of new pool equipment
  • Rebalancing of chemicals

Why Regular Pool Maintenance is important 

Pool maintenance is important in order to keep your swimming pool not only looking great but also avoiding serious problems in the long run. Having a swimming pool requires upkeep and maintenance to avoid an unhealthy, algae-filled pool.

Weekly Pool Cleaning 

Your swimming pool needs regular cleaning in order to keep it flawless throughout the year.

Some of the pool maintenance services we offer include:

  • Cleaning of baskets, filters, weirs and skimmer bags
  • Brushing your pool and removing leaves as well as dirt
  • Backwashing your pool​
  • Testing of pool chemical levels
  • Treating your pool with the correct chemicals
  • Vacuuming the pool

In order to prevent your pool from turning green, your pool needs to have the correct pH balance at all times. This pH is hard to balance and requires knowledge and expertise. You can rely on our teams to balance your pool’s pH, keeping the water clean and healthy. Regular Testing and analysing the pH balance will be included in our services.

Swimming Pool Equipment

Unfortunately swimming pool equipment has a life span, the pool’s filter, skimmer, cover and basket will eventually need replacing. During your pools service our team will identify and notify you of any equipment which needs replacing. 

Reasons To Hire A Swimming Pool Service Specialist

Cost- effective – It is more cost effective to hire our team of experts to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your pool, we can identify problems before they reach an irreparable state. 

Keep the pH balanced – It can be tricky balancing the chemicals in your pool, leave it to our team of experts to get the pH of your pool just right.

Regular inspections – Regular inspections ensure your pool is running flawlessly.

Saves time – Spend time enjoying your pool rather than maintaining for hours. Our specialists will keep your pool looking good all year round without you having to spend any time cleaning it.

Advice from a professional – In addition to cleaning and maintaining your pool our teams will provide you with advice on chemicals and equipment as well.

  • Private and Secure
  • Fast Response
  • Affordable
Pool cleaning Quote

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