Roller Shutter Doors Quote

Roller Shutter Doors The ULTIMATE Crime Barrier

  • The best security addition you can make
  • Motor operated or manual Roller Shutters
  • Custom made for all size entrances and windows
Roller Shutter Doors Quote
  • Protect Your Home and Office
    Roller Shutters can cover large window and entrance ways. More secure than Security Gates and Burglar Bars.
  • Modern Style, hidden from view
    Roller shutters slide up and down inside narrow side guide channels that can be neatly recessed into the wall.
  • Fitted anywhere you need protection
    Internally, Passages, Stairways - Windows - Doors and Garages

Roller Shutter Door Suppliers and Installers across South Africa

Tired of being robbed? Does your insurance not fully cover the losses suffered after a burglary?
The majority of robberies take place through windows and doors, roller shutters can prevent this!

  • 25 years + Life Span
  • Difficult to penetrate strong physical barriers
  • Custom sizes and Styles to suit any building
  • Weather Proof options 

Local Pros can connect you with leading Roller Shutter Door Suppliers and Installers across South Africa. Complete our online form or give us a call now.

Types of Roller Shutter Doors available from our partners

There are several types of roller shutters available to meet different purposes for both commercial and residential buildings.

Interior Perforated Roller Shutter doors  

Interior Shutters are normally perforated and used in buildings such as malls or shopping centres

  • Perforated Shutters provide great ventilation
  • Perforation allows light to penetrate 
  • Available in custom sizes and designs

Exterior Roller Shutter Doors 

To meet the requirements of every building, these doors are available in solid and perforated choices produced from diverse materials, in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes.

  • Designed to be stronger and more weather resistant
  • Solid and perforated variants
  • Waterproofing options available

Manual Roller Shutters Doors 

Manual Roller Shutter Doors are operated by hand using a chain or a hand-crank  

  • Can be operated without electricity
  • No electrical installation required 
  • Budget Friendly option
  • Fewer parts prone to failure

Electric Automated Roller Shutters Doors

Automated Roller Shutter Doors are far more convenient, but the practicality has a price, they require a larger initial investment and a little more upkeep.

  • Doors can be opened and closed with the push of a button
  • Door operation can be integrated with security systems
  • Very Convenient especially when opening the door several times a day.
  • Three-phase and single-phase motors are available 

Built-On Roller Shutters Doors

Built-on shutters are as the name suggests installed on top of the surface and need no prior planning

  • Modern designs are pleasing even if not recessed
  • More affordable and easier to install
  • No Prior planning required

Built-In Roller Shutters Doors 

The door’s frame is recessed into the walls with built-in Roller Shutter Doors.

  • Hides components prone to tampering
  • Looks sleek with recessed frames when open
  • Requires proper planning and are harder to install

Roller Shutter Doors for every Application

Shop and Retail Outlet Roller Shutter Doors

Close your doors with the confidence that everything will be precisely as you left it when you return the following morning. Retail Roller Shutters Doors for storefronts:

  • An excellent way to prevent burglaries
  • Offered both aluminium and steel versions
  • Solid and perforated options are available
  • Visibility options of 20%, 50% and 80% visibility
  • Many designs, finishes and colours
  • Automated and manual options offered

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors for Factories

Factories and other industrial properties house expensive equipment and the content need to be kept safe from burglaries.  Installing a Roller Shutter Door can vastly improve the property’s security.

  • Fire retardant doors are available that help keep fires in check
  • Custom designs, finishes and sizes 
  • Three and single-phase door motors 
  • Steel and aluminium options 
  • Extra strength version available for hazardous good storage 
  • Integration with fire suppression and automation system possible 

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

Commercial Properties often house expensive stock and equipment and installing a Roller Shutter Door can help secure the premises.

  • Manual and automated versions 
  • Insulated versions for energy optimization
  • Built-in and Built-on options 
  • Custom designs, finishes and sizes are available
  • Available in steel and aluminium

Fire Retardent Roller Shutters Doors

A fire can cause havoc and completely destroy your business and everything within of it. But you can stop a fire from spreading by installing Fire Retardent Roller Shutter Doors.

  • Standard and custom sizes available 
  • 30, 60,120 and 240min certified fire barrier.
  • Can be integrated with the rest of the fire prevention and suppression system
  • Custom designs and styles to suit any situation.

Roller Shutters for Home and other Residential Properties

Adding roller shutters to doors and windows that can be closed at night or when you are not at home can improve the security of a property immensely. 

  • Manual and automated versions
  • Custom-made to fit any window or door
  • Minimally invasive when opened and very secure when closed
  • Offered in aluminium and steel
  • Security-focused lightweight designs

Car Park Shutters Doors

Roller shutters made exclusively for parking lots are available in steel and aluminium.

  • Grill type, solid and perforated versions are available 
  • Three-phase and single-phase motor options
  • Can be integrated with anti-theft and various traffic management systems

When selecting a Roller Shutter Door for a car park you should take the following into consideration:

  • How much will the Roller Shutter Door be operated, is it once an hour or 100 times an hour?
  • Is it necessary to give ventilation through the roller door? Ventilation is necessary for parking lots to keep car exhaust fumes from accumulating. The airflow through our parking lot roller shutter doors can reach upto 80%.
  • How do you want to integrate the roller shutter door with the rest of the security systems?

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Installing a Roller Shutter Garage Door will assist safeguard your automobiles, whether your garage is home to an ancient Toyota Corrola or a brand-new S-Class Mecades.

  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Aluminium and steel versions
  • Different finishes and colours to choose from
  • Manual and automated versions

Speak to a Local Pros Partner if you are unsure of the type of Roller Shutter Door to choose. They will review your needs with you and give you advice on the best Roller Shutter Door for your project.

How Installing a Shutter Roller Doors helps keep your property secure.

Both residential and business properties can benefit from increased security provided by roller shutter doors. 

Effective deterrent against burglaries 

To stop losses and harm, the main goal is to discourage the potential offender. Because you stand out from other businesses or homes that don’t have roller shutter doors, you deter criminals from picking you as their next victim.

Strong physical barrier that thieves will find hard to penetrate

Even though no security shutter system is impenetrable the physical barrier created by security shutters is very strong. The fact that it will take a lot of time, effort, and noise to open a Shutter Roller Door deters burglars from even trying

Can be integrated with other security systems

Security measures should be viewed as complementary links in a chain that cannot be viewed separately. Roller Shutters work incredibly well when combined with alarms, CCTV, motion sensors, and other deterrents.

Roller Shutter Doors are often an Insurance requirement

In some areas, insurance companies could demand that you install a shutter roller door on your property, while other insurance companies might offer a discounted rate if your property has one installed.

An affordable method to increase a property’s security

When burglars notice that a structure has roller shutters, it serves as a physical barrier that a robber must get through in addition to serving as a deterrent.

Roller Shutter Frequently Asked Questions

Increased security, reduced energy use, and improved fire safety are just a few benefits of installing roller shutters on the windows and doors of your home. Let’s learn more about these shutters.

How are roller shutters made?

.High-quality steel or aluminium is used to make roller shutters, and some of them also have high-density polyurethane insulation. They are made of a system of interlocking slats and have a baked-enamel paint or powder-coated finish that is fade- and scratch-resistant. This means that shutters are incredibly robust and long-lasting.

Are roller shutters made in South Africa?

Yes South Africa has several manufacturers of Roller Shutter Doors that are designed to meet the demand of the harsh South African Climate and operating conditions

What sort of properties are suited to installing Roller Shutters?

.Regardless of the application, door size, or architectural style, roller shutters can be utilised on most types of properties.

Are roller shutters easy to maintain and keep clean?

Roller Shutters are made of durable materials like steel, aluminium, and other premium materials, so they will last for a very long time. Roller shutters are simple to maintain by wiping them down with a moist cloth or using a high-pressure washer once every few months. Additionally, depending on the weather, roller shutter tracks should be greased once a year.

Can you control the amount of light entering a room with Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutters can be opened or closed to let light in at the desired level. Best of all when fully opened no your view is completely clear with no obstructions.

In what colours are roller shutters available?

Roller Shutters are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to match any building

How are Roller Shutter Doors operated?

Roller shutter can be operated manually with an hand crank or by pulling a chain or they can be fitted with a automated system that can be operated by pushing a button or it can be integrated with the rest of the security system.

Is it possible to have remote control roller shutters installed?

Yes you can setup a roller shutter door to open with a remote, keypad or any other type of security system.

How do roller shutters help reduce energy costs?

Roller Shutters Doors add an extra layer of insulation to your property when closed, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which can help you save a lot on heating and cooling costs.

Advantages of Roller Shutter Doors

  • They are very robust and durable with their steel or aluminium contruction.
  • They offer a strong physical barrier making it hard for thieves and vandals to enter.
  • The are a great visual deterrent making thieves think twice before attempting to rob you.
  • They offer great weather protection, especially when fitted with weather guards.
  • They make a great fire barrier and can save your business from potentially completely burning to the ground.
  • They are very easy to operate and with automated versions it can be done with the touch of a button.
  • Keep the cold, heat and noise out with insulated versions.
  • Can be opened or closed to regulate the amount of light entering the building.
  • Very resistant to scratches and rust with modern coatings or metal finishes.
  • They look professional and stylish when compared to the other available security doors.
  • They come in many sizes and finishes and can be made to order to fit almost any opening 
  • They come in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit almost any building.

Why Choose a Local Pros partner to supply and install your Roller Sutter Door?

Finding a reputable Roller Shutter Door supplier and installer can be challenging, which is why we thoroughly vetted a large number of companies before choosing the best ones to represent our network of Roller Shutter Door suppliers and installers.

Here are some benefits of selecting a Local Pros partner for your Roller Shutter Door installation:

  • Every style and type of Roller Shutter Doors available.
  • Doors can be customized to fit your requirements. 
  • They hava a large amount of experience fitting Roller Shutter Doors to commercial and residential properties.
  • They supply and install tough and robust Roller Shutter Doors that will last a very long time.
  • Both Built-in and Built-on version are available
  • Roller Shutters are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and are SABS approved 

If you are interested in a Roller Shutter Door for your commercial or residential property contact fill in the form or give us a call for same-day response.   

  • Private and Secure
  • Fast Response
  • Affordable
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