Retaining wall prices start from R1500 to R4500m2 depending on the type, height, intricacy and earth moving required to build the retaining wall. A 1.5m high and 20m wide using standard interlocking bricks and with moderate intricacy will cost you in the range of R80000 – R120000

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Retaining wall material

Retaining walls can be made from a range of products, but absolutely nothing beats concrete when it comes to strength and toughness. With the brand-new moulded concrete retaining wall interlocking systems today, a concrete retaining wall is fast to construct, affordable, resilient and easy on the eye.

Typical concrete retaining wall costs in South Africa

Typical Costs for interlock blocks can range from R800m2 – R1400m2 this does not include building costs. The building of the wall will cost anywhere  from R1000m2 to R3000m2 depending on:

  • Size and scale
  • Height
  • Products utilized
  • Style, consisting of excavation and drain requirements.
  • Earthmoving requirements
  • Expert charges

How much do cinder block retaining walls cost?

If you choose an interlocking cinder block or a concrete sleeper-retaining wall, anticipate paying R800 to R1200 per square metre.

This only includes the blocks themselves but not the labour for constructing the wall and the earthmoving required for the project. Labour and earthmoving will cost an additional R1000 to R3000 per square metre depending on the project.

How much does a Besser block retaining wall cost?

Core-filled Besser blocks are another typical interlocking block option. Besser block retaining walls’ cost can differ from R1000 to R1400 per square metre, depending upon their strength.

This only includes the blocks themselves and not the labour for constructing the wall and the earth moving required for the project. Labour and earthmoving will cost an additional R1000 to R3000 per square metre depending on the project.

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Do I require a structural engineer?

If your retaining wall is going to be over a metre in height, you’ll need to employ a structural engineer to style and manage the building and construction of the wall.

The main reason why towns require the services of a structural engineer is if a retaining wall collapses, it can pose a considerable threat to you and your household or anyone in the vicinity of the retaining wall.

If you require an engineer for your concrete retaining wall, expect to pay:

  • R3500 for a standard soil test.
  • R10,000+ for a soil and shape study.
  • plus additional design costs if required.

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Why would you build a retaining wall in your garden?

There are many applications for retaining walls in gardens. They can be used structurally to create terraces with varying levels or to contain slopes.

Controlling water runoff is yet another practical reason to install a retaining wall. A well-designed retaining wall may keep the surrounding area dry, avoid erosion and flooding, and even collect rainwater for plants, which is particularly helpful in arid climates.

A retaining wall can be used to divide a garden into several sections and build a network of planter boxes. This is a fantastic technique to give your backyard a unique look and feel and transform an uninteresting suburban garden into something magnificent.

The advantages of using interlocking concrete blocks for your retaining wall?

Some of the advantages of choosing an interlocking concrete block retaining wall block:

  • The best thing about interlocking block retaining walls is how simple they are to build and that they often require no foundation work.
  • They are very affordable to construct and do not require any specialized equipment during the construction phase.
  • They are easy on the eye and are perfect for landscaping projects.
  • Some designs allow for water collection in dry areas.
  • They can minimize erosion and flood damage if designed correctly.

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Interlocking Concrete retaining wall building process and guidelines

  • By analysing your site and taking notes of slopes, drainage, and the design of the wall, our partners can create a perfect layout for your interlocking concrete retaining wall. U
  • They will make sure there are no cables or pipelines in your digging area by contacting your local public utilities office and studying your building plans.
  • Get the vertical surface area and the corresponding number of interlocking blocks by measuring the length and vertical height.
  • The NHBRC requirement states that one can construct a wall up to 1.2 metres high without consulting an engineer, although as a general rule, 1.5 metres for walls no steeper than 65 degrees is also permitted. South African legislation is particularly rigorous on these issues. Even though only 1.2m high, any steeper or walls functioning as a load-bearing wall must be designed by a licenced engineer.

How to choose a retaining wall contractor.

Below are some questions to help you choose the right contractor.

  • Are you an accredited or certified NHBRC builder?
  • Does the wall come with a guarantee?
  • How long will the wall take to complete?
  • Can you offer a detailed quote?
  • Ask the contractor for references and do a visual inspection of previous work if possible.

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