How much does a concrete retaining wall cost?

Average concrete maintaining wall cost in South Africa

The cost of a concrete keeping wall depends upon the size of your wall and the kind of concrete obstruction you pick, to name a few factors.

Keeping walls can be made from a range of products, but absolutely nothing beats concrete when it comes to strength and toughness. With the brand-new moulded concrete maintaining wall systems offered today, a concrete keeping wall isn’t simply fast to construct; it’s also resilient and easy on the eye.

However, the very first thing you need to understand when preparing your task is just how much a concrete maintaining wall costs.


Typical concrete maintaining wall cost in South Africa

The cost of a concrete maintenance wall depends on a number of things:

  • The size of your wall
  • The number of cinder blocks you require
  • whether you require to employ a structural engineer
  • Whether you’re developing it yourself or utilizing a certified contractor,

What impacts the cost of concrete wall maintenance?

A variety of elements will affect the cost of your keeping wall, particularly:

  • Size and scale
  • Height
  • Products utilized
  • style, consisting of excavation and drain requirements.
  • Expert charges

If you’re developing a bigger keeping wall, there are additional expenses to think about:

  • You might require town approval.
  • You might need to employ a structural engineer.
  • You might need to purchase a more pricey enhanced system.
  • You might need to take technical information such as drains into account.

Learn what else can impact your concrete wall’s cost.


How much do cinder blocks cost?

The cost of a concrete keep wall is an estimate based upon products and labour, with products generally computed on a per square metre basis.

If you pick interlocking cinder blocks or a concrete sleeper-maintaining wall, anticipate paying R4500 to R7000 per square metre.

How much does a Besser block maintaining wall cost?

Core-filled Besser blocks are a typical option for interlocking blocks. Besser block maintaining walls cost can differ from R5500 to R7500 per square metre, depending upon their strength.

Do I require a structural engineer?

If your maintaining wall is going to be over a metre in height, you’ll need to employ a structural engineer to style and manage the building and construction of the wall.

There are excellent reasons why towns need the services of structural engineers: if a supporting wall collapses, it poses a considerable threat to you and your household, so it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

If you require an engineer for your concrete keeping wall, expect to pay:

  • R3500 for a standard soil test.
  • R10,000+ for a soil and shape study.

Get quotes from regional retaining wall contractors now.


Why set up a concrete keeping wall?

Keeping walls are utilized to consist of a slope or to form balconies of various levels. They can be helpful for developing an action on a sloping block that can make your backyard easier to use.

You can likewise utilize a keep wall to section off a garden and produce a network of planter boxes. This is a terrific method to add meaning to your yard and turn an old or uninteresting rural garden into something amazing.

Why not utilize concrete for your maintenance wall?

Is there a reason why you should think about concrete as a product for your keeping wall?

Do not simply listen to us– here’s what contractor James Mason of Our Build Handyman and Home Improvements needed to state:

“The excellent feature of interlocking block keeping walls is the ease of building and construction, In some cases, concrete footings are not required and the basic setup technique makes it DIY friendly for the majority of property owners to attempt their hand at.

“If you are thinking about rendered masonry, this is a terrific method to accomplish a modern try to find any garden. Know that this design of building and construction will typically include enhanced concrete footings that an engineer might require to style.

“With maintaining walls, it’s what is listed below the surface area that counts. Making certain sufficient subsoil drain is set up will guarantee you will attain durability in the appearance of your wall for several years to come. “.

Comprehending concrete maintenance wall guidelines

Many provinces in South Africa need your keeping wall contractor to be certified. This is mostly for your health and wellness. Depending upon where you live, this might imply working with a home builder, landscaper, or bricklayer.

If the height of your wall is taller than 1 metre, presume you’ll require to use a structural engineer. Throughout South Africa, the services of a structural engineer are needed by law for all maintaining walls over a metre in height, and in some locations the minimum height might be as low as 600mm.

If your concrete keeping wall is less than 1.5 metres from your home line or another structure, you’ll most likely require town approval to construct it, no matter how high it is. Keeping walls under a metre usually does not need town approval, as these are categorized as non-structural walls.

Other crucial things to understand are:

  • A maintaining wall should be constructed a minimum of 60 cm away from an adjacent home line. In other locations, it can be 90cm or more.
  • Your maintenance wall can not divert water to an adjacent residential or commercial property.

There might be other factors to consider too, depending upon your scenario. Before you do anything, ask your regional town for specific info about constructing and maintaining walls in your location.

Working with the best-maintained wall home builder

When it concerns working with them, make the effort to ensure your tradie is best for your task. Some concerns to inquire about consist of:.

  • Are you accredited or certified?
  • Are you guaranteed it?
  • What length of time will my task take?
  • Can you offer a composed quote?
  • Do you have any recommendations I can follow up on?
  • Can I see examples of your work?

Get quotes for your concrete maintaining wall’s cost.

An expert maintaining wall home builder understands how to do the task right and will develop a maintaining wall that will last as long as the concrete obstructs themselves.

Getting a quote for a cinder block or Besser obstruct keeping wall cost will provide you a sense of what market rates presently are.

Discover motivation for your house enhancement task in our gallery of keeping wall concepts.

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