How much does a second storey addition cost?

When you extend your house, you have 2 options: out or up. Some property owners avoid including a 2nd floor, believing the cost will be expensive compared to a ground-floor house extension. Is this actually the case? How much does a 2nd floor addition cost?

A second-floor addition can cost between R18,550 and R33,300 per square meter, depending upon the quality and price of building products and additions, and whether your ground-floor structures require enhancement to carry the load of the extension. There are other expenses to consider, consisting of town expenses and engineer reports. Would you like a more precise concrete 2nd story addition cost?

2nd Story Addition vs Ground Floor

It’s a misconception that second-floor additions cost more than ground-floor additions. When you extend your house outwards, the cost of the structure alone can make it more pricey than a 2nd floor addition. Nevertheless, be prepared for far more interruption in your house if you include a second floor. While the contractors can leave you undisturbed while they work on a ground-floor addition, they will require access to your house throughout the building and construction process if you’re developing. Given that your roofing system will require changing, you might even need to discover short-lived lodging up until your upstairs addition is at the water resistant phase of conclusion.


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How much does a second-story addition cost?

A second-floor addition might cost less than a ground-floor addition, but it’s still a significant expenditure. Quotes differ, but renovators who have actually been thru the procedure quote the cost of a 2nd floor addition to be in between R18,850 and R33,300 per square meter. That’s rather a spread, but a variety of factors affect the 2nd floor addition. The quality and price of building products and additions will make a distinction, and if the ground flooring requires strengthening to carry the load of the extension, it can include a significant total up to the cost.


Choosing a Builder Mentally and economically, you simply can’t pafford o choose an unskilled home builder. Select a house extension contractor who specializes in or has extensive experience in constructing second-floor additions. Do not take their word for it that they can do a great task or understand how to prevent interrupting your eeveryday ife as much as possible. Check out a few of their previous works and speak straight with several of their previous customers. You need to be sure they will work quickly and effectively, interrupt your life as llittleas possible, and appreciate your personal privacy while they work.

A great home builder with substantial experience can get a 2nd floor addition to a water-resistant phase of conclusion in 2 to 3 weeks. After that, there’s still lots of work to be done. However, other than for small disturbances such as short-term loss of water and electrical power while the tradies do their work, you will have the ability to return to your typical life. When they’re finished, excellent contractors leave a website tidy, neat, and prepared to inhabit. If you’ve picked the best contractor, you’ll enjoy your 2nd floor addition from the first day and thank yourself for making the effort to get quotes and choose a cautious, educated contractor. And for all of your roofing needs, we recommend GP Roof Repair Experts.


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