How Much Does a Handyman Cost?

You know those bothersome home tasks and house upkeep tasks that you do not wish to or can’t do? Instead of enduring damaged cabinets, dicky doorknobs, or blown light bulbs, you can hire a handyman.

This post will assist you in determining what tasks they can do and just how much they might cost.

Standard painting: a handyman is best for those little painting tasks, like a function wall, fence, or door. You can also visit Handymans Network to find an excellent handyman in your area.

General woodworking work might be hanging a door, repairing your deck, or constructing some fundamental racks.

Furnishings assembly: if you do not have the time or disposition to put together flat-pack furnishings, a handyman can absolutely assist.

Hanging photo frames and mirrors: it can be challenging to hang artwork and heavy mirrors, so why not get some assistance?

Tile Repair Work: If you have a little repair work task, like repairing a single split tile, a handyman is best for this job.

Linking your washer or clothes dryer: Call a handyman if all you require is a couple of tubes linked.

Pressure cleansing: you will be impressed at how your paving, driveway, and outside locations will take care of an extensive pressure clean.


Usually speaking, a handyman does not need a license if the work is not structural and if the overall worth of the products and labor does not surpass a specific value. In NSW, this is R10,000, tho this does differ by state. This indicates a handyman might refrain from lawfully doing a tiling task worth over the recommended quantity. However, they might perform a smaller-sized task.

It deserves to be detailed what tasks a handyman can’t lawfully do.

What tasks can’t a handyman do?

While a handyman is flexible and able to perform a variety of tasks, numerous vital jobs need to lawfully be performed by a properly certified tradie. So unless your handyman has licenses in these locations, you’re finest to discover a certified and certified tradie.

The most obvious tasks your handyman may not have a license for consist of: Structure: Any structural work on your house needs to be done by a certified contractor. All pipework should be done by a certified plumber. Electrical: All electrical work needs to be performed by a certified electrical expert. A properly certified plumbing professional or gas fitter should do any gasfitting work for you. But we can offer all kinds of services for you. Or if you are looking for other companies, we recommend GP Electricians and Plumbers Network as real pros in their field.

If you are uncertain if a handyman can lawfully do your task, connect with your regional town or licensing authority.

And similar to any other tradesman who concerns himself with operating in your house, a handyman needs to be guaranteed. This secures you and them in case a mishap takes place. The insurance they must hold consists of coverage for accidents, third parties, and residential or commercial property damage. Ask to see the certificates to guarantee they stand.


A lot of handymen charge by the hour, with expenses varying from R400 to R900 per hour. This cost can increase if you require the handyman to perform more comprehensive repair work. More complex tasks tend to cost as much as R800 per hour or more. Some handymen will charge a flat rate for the very first hour, such as R900, and after that a per half hour rate of R330

They might likewise have basic rates for typical jobs instead of a per-hour rate. For instance, anticipate paying in the area of R600 per hour for tasks such as hanging art work.

  • R1400 to R6000 for plastering.
  • Covering holes in a wall and fixing harmed plaster costs R1800 to R5000 for covering holes in a wall and fixing harmed plaster.
  • R2000 for repairing a water-harmed ceiling.
  • R2000 for establishing a television and installing it on a wall.
  • From R800 to R2000 for putting together flat-pack furnishings, storage systems, play devices, sheds, and health club devices.
  • It costs R3500 to paint a single space with 2 coats of paint.

To conserve cash, you might like to bundle a couple of jobs together. This will permit the handyman to finish a number of jobs in one go.

Employing a regional handyman

With our totally free Get Quotes service, you can discover and weigh up quotes from handymen. As soon as you get quotes from handymen, you’ll have the ability to select the one that fits your requirements and spending plan.

When it comes time to employ a handyman, ensure they are best for your task. Some concerns to inquire about consist of: Are you guaranteed to operate in my house?

  • Can you supply a composed, itemized quote?
  • Do you have any recommendations I can follow up on?

By getting quotes from regional handymen, you can get a sense of just how much your job will cost. This will allow you to get a sense of what the market rates are presently.


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