How much does air conditioning installation cost?

Expect an a/c setup to cost anywhere from R6000-R54000 depending upon the kind of system and the intricacy of your set up. Smaller sized split systems will cost in the area of R6000 – R7490, while bigger split and ducted systems will cost R20,399 – R50,400 and more

Thinking about setting up a/c or changing your existing system?

With increasing electrical power rates, keeping a cap on your a/c running expenses are an essential factor to consider. You will also need to consider the cost of acquiring a system of the appropriate size and how much setup will cost.


So just how much does cooling setup cost?

Anticipate your a/c setup to cost anywhere from R6000 – R54400 depending upon the kind of system and intricacy of your set up. Smaller split systems will cost in the area of R6000-R7490, while bigger split and ducted systems will cost R23990-R54000 and more.

This post will offer you a concept of who can lawfully install your system and what they might charge.

What kind of a/c system is best for me?

There are generally 3 kinds of cooling systems on the marketplace:

Portable: portable air con systems are flexible because they can be positioned anywhere with a plug/power outlet. They are nevertheless restricted in their output and typically just ideal for a single space.

Split systems: the most typical kind of air con system, which include an (internal) head system and (external) condenser/compressor. These are reasonably economical though protection is on a per space basis. To understand more about split system ac system setup cost and how to clean up a split system air conditioning system read it here.

Ducted systems: these are incorporated into your house’s ceiling and wall cavity, and are created for entire house heating & cooling. They are aeestheticallyess invasive than a lit sysystemshobuto cost more to acquire and set up.

What size air conditioning system do I require?

You will require to exercise what capability air conditioning unit you require. Elements to think about consist of:

The size of your house: The bigger the flooring location, the bigger capability your system will require to be. If you have a multi-storey house then might need a variety of systems for various zones, which will contribute to the overall cost.

Ceiling height: If you have high ceilings your system will require to create sufficient cool air to keep a comfy temperature level in each space.

Variety of windows: Windows can represent approximately 40 percent of a house’s heat loss, so you need to take this into account when selecting an a/c system.

Find a local air conditioning installer now.


Does my air conditioning installer need to be accredited?

A variety of different tradies might carry out a setup for you, consisting of devoted ducted a/c installers, certified plumbers like people from Plumbers Network who can set up, keep, and fix piping and ducting, along with certified electrical contractors from GP Electcricians who can set up the master control board and any electrical wiring that is needed. 

What will effect my air con set up quote?

A variety of aspects will affect your last quote, particularly the

  • Type and size of air con system you acquire
  • Quantity of refrigeration piping and adjoining cable television utilized
  • The quantity of cable television ducting needed
  • Meter board upgrade (if needed)
  • Access

That is why we recommend contacting AirCon Pros.

Just how much do cooling installers charge?

As soon as you’ve picked your a/c unit, you’ll need to get it set up. The rate you pay depends upon numerous elements, including where you live, the a/c you’ve selected, the number of systems you’re setting up and the ease of gaining access to your home.

A/c installers charge by the hour – anticipate to be charged anywhere from R600 – R1100 per hour + GST for domestic a/c and R800 – R1400 per hour + GST for industrial systems.

For a wall-hung split-type cooling system, anticipate being charged:

  • R6000 to set up a 2.5 kw-3.5 kw inverter system.
  • R6500 to set up a 5kw–6kw inverter system.
  • R7000 to set up a 7kW–8kW inverter system.
  • R7500 to set up a 9 kW–9.9 kW inverter system.

If you are setting up a reverse ducted cooling system, some normal estimates online (system + setup) are:

  • R54000 for an 8.0 kW ducted reverse cycle cooling system (Samsung) set up to 6 points.

Getting quotes from cooling installers

It’s a good idea to get quotes from numerous service providers before working with an a/c installer. After you’ve compared quotes, guarantee you comprehend just how much the installer is going to charge. And provided the significance of the right setup, constantly select a trustworthy a/c unit installer who is certified, guaranteed, and can supply recommendations. A current client, a beauty parlor in Sydney, discussed how revealing where in business it was and the influence on customers aided with the quote and concern of the task.


The very best method of learning the cost of your air conditioning job is to get quotes from regional cooling installers. This will give you a sense of what market rates are presently.

To see more ‘price of’ guides visit the ‘Cost of homes services‘ page to see a full list.


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