How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

Has your toilet seen much better days? Do you wish to modernize your restroom with a brand-new toilet?

Changing a toilet might cost anywhere from R1500 to R4000, depending upon the kind of toilet and how simple the task is. A simple task ought to cost from R1500 to R2500, but typically toilet replacement expenses are in between R3000 and R4000, or more if pipes need to be moved.

Although toilets are not precisely the sexiest components you will ever purchase, there is no denying how essential they are. However, how much should you expect to pay to have a brand-new suite set up?

This post will help you determine:

  • The various kinds of toilet suites offered
  • How much might a setup cost?
  • How much do toilet suites cost?

What kind of toilet suite?

There are four primary kinds of toilet suites you will encounter:

Close-paired toilet: This is a really typical style, where the tank sits straight above the toilet pan.

Wall dealt with toilet: this toilet has a surprise tank, with the toilet flush versus the surface area of the wall.

Back to wall toilet: this toilet suite and tank are connected to the restroom wall without any noticeable pipelines.

Wall-hung toilet: comparable to the wall-mounted toilet in design, other than this toilet is repaired straight to the wall. The most trendy and costly alternative?

What kind of toilet outlet do you have?

If you are replacing an existing toilet and wish to swap it out with no other work, you will need to understand what kind of toilet outlet you have. There are “S-trap” or “P-trap” toilet outlets. S-trap toilets clear thru the flooring, while P-trap toilet pipelines leave thru the wall. You can typically discriminate merely by taking a look at your toilet outlet. If there is no noticeable connection to the wall, it is most likely an S-trap toilet.

Working with a plumber

When it comes time to employing a plumber, make certain they are ideal for your task. Some concerns to ask then consist of:

  • Are you certified?
  • Are you guaranteed to operate in my house?
  • How long will my task take?
  • Can you supply a composed quote?
  • Do you have any recommendations I can follow up on?
  • Can I see examples of your work?
  • How much does a toilet cost?

Obviously, prior to changing your toilet, you’re going to need to choose a brand-new toilet. Depending upon the toilet you select, it can cost just R1500 or as much as R10000 or more for a floor-mounted covert tank or wall-hung toilet. Usually, a great quality floor-mounted vitreous china toilet costs between R3500 and R6500.

For a concept, here are some existing rates:

  • R4240 for a Porcher Cygnet square closed combined toilet.
  • R5100 for a Geberit Sigma50 flush plate (chrome).
  • R9060 for a Geberit Sigma 75 wall-hung pneumatic tank (tank just)
  • R10350 for an AXA Uno close-combined BTW suite.
  • R13120 for a Laufen by Laufen wall-hung pan (tank separate).

How much does a toilet setup cost?

Rates for toilet replacement are based upon their per-hour rates and begin at about R550 per hour. Since plumbers set up a lot of toilets, they are typically able to provide you with firm setup quotes. A fairly simple setup may cost anywhere between R1500 and R2500 to change your toilet. However, typically, toilet replacement expenses are between R3000 and R4000.

If you are setting up a more intricate system, such as a covert tank or wall-hung toilet, then anticipate paying substantially more for your plumbing technician’s time.

In some areas, refunds are readily available for replacing old toilets with brand-new, water-saving toilets. The refunds can be available in the form of setup refunds of approximately R1000 or perhaps bigger refunds for purchases of authorized toilets and setup integrated.

Getting quotes from plumbers

Experienced plumbing professionals can normally provide you with an affordable cost quote ahead of time. You may discover that a certified master plumber who charges a higher per hour rate will end up being more economical than a less fully equipped or knowledgeable plumbing professional who charges a spending plan rate, so do not make a judgment based upon their per hour charge alone. Call a Plumbers Network Expert, and you’ll most likely select the very best plumbing professional at the very best price.

The very best method of discovering the cost of your job is to get quotes from regional plumbing professionals. This will give you a sense of what market rates are presently.

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