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Palisade Fencing Fourways

#1 Palisade Fencing Supply and Installed

  • Security for home and office property
  • Anti-climb spikes
  • Cost effective, low maintenance
Palisade Fencing Quote
  • Free Expert Advice and Cost Estimates
    Get your palisade fencing quote and security advice from the experts.
  • First Line Of Defence
    Stop intruders before they get access to your property. Palisade Fencing is difficult to climb, incredibly strong and looks neat.
  • Affordable Price per meter fencing
    Steel Palisade is more cost effective and just as strong as a brick wall. Added bonus is that you can see through so there are no hiding places.

Service Areas in Fourways

Fill in the form or give us a call and we will come out to your property to measure and give you a free quote for palisade fencing. We service all areas in and around Fourways
Sandton - Fourways - Dainfern - Broadacres - Witkoppen - North Riding - Kya Sand - Magaliessig

Palisade Fencing Features

  • Highly transparent
  • Difficult to cut
  • Difficult to climb
  • Made from steel and galvanized to prevent rust
  • Different colour options
  • Spikes to prevent fence jumping
  • Affordable

Why choose Palisade Fencing in Fourways?

Crime in Fourways is a concern, steel palisade fencing in Fourways will secure your home or office, giving you peace of mind.

What Fourways properties are best suited for Palisade Fencing?

Palisade fencing is ideal for both residential as well as commercial and industrial properties. Palisade fencing will not work if you have small dogs or are a person who is very private.

Price of palisade fencing per meter in Fourways

Palisade Fencing is costed per meter, this cost is dependent on the price of steel which fluctuates. To get the current cost, fill out the form or call today to get a palisade fencing specialist to measure and provide a quote.

Here’s how to measure your boundary wall

A palisade fencing specialist in Fourways will do a site visit and give you a quote based on the correct size of your property boundary.

You can also measure the boundary of your property yourself with a tape measure. You will need to include an extra meter at each corner. If your boundary is not straight using a piece of string would be wise.

  • Private and Secure
  • Fast Response
  • Affordable
Palisade Fencing Quote

Palisade Fencing Costing Information​

Palisade Fencing
Palisade Fencing Quote