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Security Gate Installations

  • Long Lasting high-quality materials
  • Full Range of Colour Options
  • High- Level Security
Security Gates Quote
  • Variety of security gate options
    Swing, retractable, internal and verandah security gates
  • Rust and corrosion proof
    Long lasting and durable- Built Tough!
  • Excellent services at affordable prices
    You can be assured that you will get the best service at the most affordable price

Full Range Of Security Gates

Don’t allow you or your family to become the victims of crime! A strong security gate provides an excellent physical barrier against intruders and is relatively inexpensive to install.

  • Strong, welded security gates for external doors
  • Security gates for sliding doors
  • Secure security gates that can be fitted to internal doorways
  • Security gates in various designs complying with SABS standards

Retractable Security Gates

Retractable security gates are a great innovation as they slam shut and lock with a single movement, providing you with fast and effective security.

These kinds of security gates have:

  • A strong metal, galvanized and epoxy coated finish
  • Bottom and top tracks
  • Sealed locks and bearings
  • Moulded feet for additional durability
  • Criss-crossed bars to give extra security, durability and peace of mind, and are
  • Virtually indestructible!

Retractable security gates can be fitted to both doors and windows and they come in various colours to blend in beautifully with your home.

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What metal is used for Gates?

Most SABS-approved security gates are made from a combination of strong steel and wrought iron. They are often also epoxy coated and rust resistant and remain highly durable as each year passes.

How effective is a security gate?

A security gate is very effective against intruders. It takes a lot of time, effort and special tools to be able to breach a good quality security gate. Also, if a thief sees that you have a security gate, it is often a deterrent.

I’m scared that burglar bars will make my house look ugly: what is the solution?

This is a common concern among home owners. There is a wide range of burglar bars in different styles and colours and you could choose one that will blend in nicely with your home and not look ugly at all. Transparent burglar bars are also very popular and it doesn’t even look like you have burglar bars at all!

How tough is a retractable security gate?

A retractable security gate is the toughest out there. If you choose a brand like Trellis, Maxidor or Xpanda, the product is SABS-approved. The bars are criss-crossed to give additional durability and it is almost impossible to breach this kind of gate.

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Security Gates Quote

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Security Gates
Security Gates Quote