Ceiling Replacement Cost

Needing to replace your ceiling can be due to water damage, insect infestations, water damage, structural problems, sagging due to age and many more. In many cases, the damage is irreparable, leaving only replacement as an option. The size of the ceiling and the material chosen for the replacement ceiling will affect the price. For small areas, the labour costs for replacing ceilings can range from R3000 to R5000, and for larger areas, they can range from R5000 to R10000. Typically costing between R250 and R450 per square metre.

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Ceiling Repair Cost

Calculating the cost of a ceiling repair is almost impossible to estimate without a proper inspection. When determining how much it will cost to fix a ceiling, many different variables must be taken into account. Depending on factors like the size of the repair, the structural integrity above the ceiling, the type of ceiling, etc., the average cost to repair a ceiling can range from R3000 to R10000+. In General, the cost of removing an old ceiling and replacing it with a new ceiling ranges from R250 – R450 per square metre.

Is it better to replace or repair my ceiling?

Over time, every home is going to face some damage due to wear and tear, and your ceilings are no exception. As your home ages, the ceilings may experience cracks, water damage, bubbling, mould, and discoloration. Your ceiling could even collapse if the situation gets too bad. Due to the increased vulnerability of older homes, you might want to consider this when purchasing your next property. If you have your heart set on a vintage home or are already residing in a home with older or damaged ceilings, you may be considering how to maintain one. 

The longer you wait, the worse it will get, so it is critical to act as soon as you can. The decision of whether to repair or replace a damaged ceiling is in question.  The biggest deciding factors in deciding whether to replace or repair your ceiling will be cost and the desired outcome. We will advise you to repair your ceiling when the damage is restricted to small or medium-sized areas and the structure above the ceiling is unharmed. However, if there is water damage, sagging, bulging, or larger cracks, we may advise replacing the entire ceiling or a portion of it. We advise that you speak with one of our professionals who can help you determine what will be the best option for you because deciding whether to repair or replace a ceiling can have a significant impact on the cost.

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The cost of ceiling repair or replacement can vary depending on a number of factors.

The size of the area that needs to be repaired or the size of the ceiling

The size of the ceiling is the biggest cost factor when replacing a ceiling. The size of the ceiling determines the quantity of materials and labour needed to finish the project. The more materials and labour are needed, the more expensive it will be to replace and repair the ceiling.

The ceiling type will impact how much it will cost to repair or replace.

The type of ceiling you choose and the materials used play a big role in the ceiling repair or replacement cost. Some designs and materials are more expensive than others. It’s crucial to remember that while some ceilings are more expensive than others, they might also last longer, in which case picking the most expensive option might be preferable. Before starting to replace your ceilings, speak with a professional who can advise you on the best style of ceiling. Take into account your budget as well as the other ceilings in the house or office.

The state of your ceiling at the moment.

It’s difficult to determine the state of the current ceiling until a professional installer can inspect the ceiling to give an accurate assessment of the condition. What must be done to fix or replace the existing ceiling will depend on its state. The process for replacing the ceiling will change if they find a leak or an insect infestation because the cause of the issue must be fixed before the repair can be done.

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Average Prices for Materials

Rhino board prices.

Standard 6.4 mm Rhino Board 2400mm x1200mmR190 – R220 per board
Standard 6.4 mm Rhino Board 3000mm x900mmR200- R230 per board
Standard 6.4 mm Rhino Board 3600mm x900mmR220 – R260 per board 
Standard 6.4 mm Rhino Board 3000mm x1200mmR230 – R280 per board
Standard 6.4 mm Rhino Board 3600mm x1200mmR250 – 320 per board
Rhino Cove Cornice 2400mmR45 – R55 each
Rhino Cove Cornice 3000mmR50 – R70 each
Rhino Cove Cornice 3600mmR60 – R90 each
Rhino TapeR60 – R70 an roll

PVC Ceiling Prices

Standard White PVC panels  3600mm x 250mmR80 to R120 per panel
High Gloss White PVC panels 3600mm x 250mmR90 to R150 per panel
Textured Wood and Stone imitations panels  3600mm x 250mmR90 to R150 per panel
Other Textured and Colored panels  3600mm x 250mmR120 to R200 per panel
Standard PVC Ceiling H-Joiner 3600mm x 36mmR40 per joint

The cost of repair will depend on the kind of damage to the ceiling.

How much will it cost to fix or replace water-damaged ceilings.

The most common ceiling repair that our ceiling pros handle is water damage. Damage may be brought on by heavy rains, leaking pipes, or even neighbours who reside above you. Common indicators of water damage to your ceiling are bubbling paint, staining and in extreme cases, sagging or bending. If the leak is found quickly, the cost of the ceiling repair won’t be excessive. The faster you can eliminate the source of the water damage, the faster you can stop additional damage to your ceiling from occurring. You can prevent further damage to your ceiling by finding and eliminating the source of the water damage as soon as possible.

A mouldy ceiling’s repair or replacement costs.

Excessive humidity and inadequate ventilation can result in ceiling mould. Both too much humidity and insufficient ventilation can result in ceiling mould. The mould-damaged portion of the ceiling can be either repaired or replaced by a ceiling expert. If the cause of the mould is not discovered, the problem will typically persist. So you will incur an additional cost to eliminate the source of the mould.

A cracked ceiling’s repair or replacement cost.

It’s completely natural that over time, your home begins to develop a few cracks here and there. It’s important to contact a ceiling repair company as soon as you notice cracks so they can inspect them and determine what caused them. It could be due to structural damage from a slight shift in the foundation or a weakening structure above the ceiling. What matters most is the kind of crack and where it is located. It is typical for cracks to develop near the walls or on the ceiling’s edge. Long or multiple cracks in the middle of the ceiling are a cause for greater concern. Furthermore, cracks that begin on your ceiling and extend down your walls should be attended to right away because they can pose a serious safety risk. The type of crack and how soon you attend to it will greatly affect the price of the ceiling repair.

Repair and replacement costs for a sagging ceiling.

A sagging ceiling is a clear sign that there is something very wrong in your home or building. As soon as you notice that your ceiling is starting to sag or develop bulges, you should call a ceiling expert. There is a very real possibility that your ceiling will completely collapse. A sagging or bulging ceiling is typically beyond repair, making replacement of the entire ceiling the most practical and economical option

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