Cost of Home Services Guides

Want to know how much a service costs or how much you should be paying for a home services job to be completed? 

Read the latest pricing guides for the most popular home contractor services here.


2022 Carport Price Guide

Depending on the sizes, shapes and materials carports prices range from R700 per square meter, a patio or entertainment area carport ranges from R900 per

Clear View Fencing

2022 Clear View Fencing Price List

Depending on the Materials used, the height of the fence, the level of security and any extras Clearvu fencing could cost you from R1000 to


2022 Cost of Locksmith Services

Prices can range from R500 to R3500, depending on the lock, your location, time of day and key type. Have you left your car keys


2022 Decking Price Guide

How much does it cost to build a deck? The cost of decking varies from R950 to R4000 per meter, depending on the following factors:

Gas Installers

2022 Gas Geysers Price Guide

Your gas geyser does not require an electrical source because it runs on gas. Gas geysers range in price from R1600 to R9900. Read this

Swimming Pools

2022 New Pool Price List

To install a new swimming pool the price could range from R70 000 to R130 000. Do you want to invest in something worthwhile this

Precast Walling

2022 Precast Walling Prices

Precast Walling prices range from R650 to R1400 per meter, there are many styles to choose from and prices also depend on the style, height


2022 Prices of Air-conditioners

The prices vary from R2500 to R35000 depending on the make or brand. Investing in a good quality air conditioner will make you comfortable in

Security Gates

2022 Security Gate Price Guide

Security gates cost anywhere from R1000 to R10000, depending on the type, size, and material. Sliding, Trellis, Swing, and Slam Lock all have different prices.


2022 Shadeport Price Guide

Depending on the material used and the size, they can range from around R8700 to R20500.  Shadeports come in a wide variety of styles, shapes,

Electric Fencing

Electric Fence Installation Cost

Electric fence prices range from R 85 per meter for 6 strands to R 350 per meter for 30 strands installed. The cost of installing

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