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Google Ads for Local Businesses

Get Leads From Google Ads
Over 10 000 leads from Google Ads!

Before Google Ads: You are not getting enough calls and quote requests, stressed out. After Google Ads: Your team is fully booked, you have more than enough jobs, you feel relaxed.

Leads On Auto-Pilot, 24/7​

Sit back and let your Google Ads bring in calls and book appointments for you. Your full time marketing system.

Use the proven Local Pros ‘Google Ads System’ you will get more leads and beat your competition.

Fill up your inbox with quote requests

* Above: Small sample of leads going through the Local Pros ‘Google Ads System™’

Get leads like this directly to your email and WhatsApp automatically

How it works​

The Google Ads Leads System™ is simple.

  • We find out what kind of services you offer and what kind of leads and jobs you want to get.
  • Set up a new Google Ads account and write Ads for all your services.
  • Add our special Chat Bot to your website and make other edits (special sauce trade secrets) that will boost your leads.

*If you do not have a website or your website is outdated we will make a new one using one of our proven templates.

Get leads directly via WhatsApp, phone calls and email

Example of Garage Door Repair Ads

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  • What are the benefits

    The ‘Google Ads System’ will deliver your business high quality leads from people looking for your services. 

    • Leads for the exact services you want to promote
    • Instant leads daily
    • Hands off stress-free
    • Tested and Proven

    You just need to focus on running your business and the Local Pros team will get you the leads your business needs to keep booking jobs and making sales. 

  • What are the technical features?

    The ‘Google Ads System’ is a process we have refined over 5 years and millions of rands in Ad spend.
    Stop losing money today and start making money from Google Ads DONE RIGHT.

    Don’t worry if this sounds technical or confusing, it’s our job to run your Google Ads it’s your job to run your business 🙂

    Proven Setup​

    • Google analytics connection
    • Website design
    • Campaign setup
    • Competitor research
    • Full keyword research
    • Creating and writing Ads
    • Full range of Ad Extensions
    • Conversion tracking
    • Custom Chat Bot on website
    • Click to call buttons on website

    Monthly Optimization

    • Bid & budget Changes
    • Search term analysis
    • Negative Keywords added
    • Custom reports
    • New campaigns and Ads where needed
    • Cost per conversion analysis and tracking
  • Over R5 million and 100 000 leads experience

    Over the last 24 months, our team has spent over R5 million on Google Ads producing over 100 000 leads for our clients.

    We have seen it all… Here’s the proof from a few accounts:

    When you spend that kind of money on ads – across so many different industries – you learn a lot.

    You learn exactly what works, and what doesn’t!

    I’m talkin’ about NO-BS, battle-tested strategies from the frontlines.

    We have run the Google Ads Leads System on over 150 websites.

    Here is a shortlist of some of the Google Ads websites running on the Local Pros Google Ads System:

  • How is the Local Pros 'Google Ads System' different?

    When It Comes To Google Ads Everyone Has It All Wrong!

    Here is the secret:
    No matter how well you run Google Ads it does not matter if your website is not set up correctly
    It is like a leaking bucket

    You spend thousands on Google Ads and get lots of clicks but you don’t get the calls you expected? Because your website is where they land after clicking on the Google Ad.

    If your website does not make it SUPER easy to call and request quotes you will not succeed on Google Ads.

    This is why the ‘Google Ads System’ was developed.

    Here are some of the ways the Local Pros system is different:

    • Tested and proven Google Ads setup
    • Custom Chat Bots to your website which have been tested and proven to increase leads
    • Click to call on mobile phones so that you make it easy for users to call you.
    • Tracking of all conversions (Forms, Chat Bots, Calls) so that we know exactly how well your Ads are performing
    • Leads and quote requests are tracked and sent to your email and WhatsApp automatically
    • Access to our custom mobile app for lead management
    • Automatic emails to the leads that fill in the form or chatbot
  • What types of businesses will benefit from Google Ads?

    The ‘Google Ads System’ from Local Pros has been proven and tested on a huge range of businesses and services. Here is a list of just some of them: 

    • Aircon Installations, repairs, services
    • Burglar Bars
    • CCTV Installers
    • Clear View Fencing
    • Damp Proofing
    • Handyman
    • Plumbers
    • Roller Shutter Doors
    • Roof Repairs
    • Security Gates
    • Waterproofing
    • Decking
    • Electricians
    • Geyser Repairs / Replacements
    • Paving
    • Pest Control
    • Awnings
    • Carports
    • Electric Fencing
    • Garage Doors
    • Gate Motor Repairs
    • Palisade Fencing
    • Pools (Cleaning Repair, Renovation, Relining)
    • Shadeports
    • Aluminium windows
    • Appliance Repairs
    • Building
    • Fireplaces
    • Flooring, Tile, Vinyl and Laminate
    • Gas Installers
    • Granite Tops
    • Kitchens
    • Landscaping
    • Lapas & Thatching
    • Locksmiths
    • Painting
    • Precast Walling
    • Rubble Removal
    • Seamless Gutters
    • Solar Water Heating
    • Tree Felling
  • Special offer if you currently run your own Google Ads

    Firstly congratulations for taking the step!

    Would you like to get more leads than you are now?

    If you would like to try out the Google Ads System™ we have a special offer:

    If we do not increase your leads by at least 30% we will refund you and give you extra R1000 cash.

    The reason we can do this is that we know we will increase the leads you are getting from Google Ads currently.

    How do we know this?

    Simple, because there is nobody else in South Africa that we are aware of that does all the things we do to increase the leads you get.

    We go beyond just setting up the Google Ads.
    For example, we run tested and proven ChatBots on your website.

    So we understand how to set up both the Ads and your website to get the most leads possible!

    *See the section above on ‘How is the Local Pros Google Ads System different’ for more detail.

  • Is there a contract?

    Zero risk – No Contracts

    30 days notice to cancel anytime

    Try it out for 1 month

    Get Started

  • Pricing - How much does it cost?

    Google Ads is a cost-per-click platform so you pay for each click that goes to your website.

    The more you pay the more leads you get, simple.

    • If you are starting out we recommend budgeting R4 000 – R8 000 per month.
    • If you have a well-tuned system you can go up to R30 000 pm to get the leads flowing in.


    The Local Pros fee is simple, we charge a low setup fee of R2500 and then an ongoing management fee which is percentage of the total Google Ad spend with a minium fee of R1200pm. Nowhere else will you get this much value!

    If you don’t have a website or need a revamp we have great discounts for our Google Ads clients to get an amazing new website without breaking the bank.

Google Ads System™

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