Have you recently purchased a generator and are curious about the cost of servicing it?

Let’s have a Look at how much it costs to maintain a generator and the factors that influence the cost of generator maintenance.

When a generator is properly maintained, its lifespan is increased and you spend less on repairs and replacements. They tend to also be more fuel efficient and it improves their safety as well.  It is recommended that you have your generator:

  • Inspected Monthly.
  • Have a Minor Service done quarterly. 
  • Have a Major service done yearly.

Servicing a generator regularly also improves the generator’s reliability and assures you that you are never without power.

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What affects the cost of Generator Maintenance 

Knowing the various aspects that influence the cost of maintenance of a generator can help you choose the correct generator when purchasing.

Mobile or Static unit  – If a generator is transported to your Local Pros partner’s workshop you will not incur the cost of a call-out fee making it cheaper, in general, to service a mobile unit compared to a static unit.

Diesel or Petrol units – Diesel generators tend to be slightly more costly to service than their equivalent petrol option but they also need to be serviced less often making them cheaper to maintain in the long run.

The cost of spare parts – The cost of service and replacement parts for some generator brands can be much more expensive than others. Additionally, some spare parts of lesser-known brands can be difficult to find and might incur additional charges for the time spent locating the required parts.

How big the Generator is – In general servicing, larger generators cost more than servicing smaller units as they tend to require more of everything. For example, a 10kVA generator can have double the oil capacity than that of a 5kVA generator.

Where the generator is located  – If you have a fixed generator and need to service it on-site where the generator is located will directly affect the cost of maintaining it.

How much does it cost to service my generator?

In South Africa, with the frequency of load shedding, backup generators typically run more frequently than under normal conditions. Like any equipment powered by a combustion engine, the more frequently it is used, the more frequently it requires maintenance.

For generators used as a backup during load shedding, our partners advise the following maintenance schedule:

Our partners recommend a monthly checkup that consists of

  • Cleaning of generator for Inspection
  • Inspecting oil levels 
  • Inspecting water levels 
  • Inspecting filters and draining water traps
  • Inspecting belts and tensioners 
  • Testing Battery 
  • General revision of generator 
  • Inspecting for any abnormalities or leaks
  • Inspecting Control Panel

The price of inspecting a mobile unit at a partner’s workshop will start at R500 and an inspection performed on-site might cost anything from R900 depending on the type and complexity of the generator.

Our partners recommend a quarterly service that consists of:

  • All of the previously mentioned monthly checks
  • Replacement of oil and oil filters
  • Cleaning or replacement of air filter

Minor service cost range from R1300+ for a service at one of our partner’s workshops or R1500+ when performed on-site. These prices will vary depending on the size of the unit and the cost of the service parts and fluids.

Our partners recommend a major annual service that consists of:

  • All of the monthly checkups and quarterly maintenance 
  • Checking of fuel lines 
  • Checking and adjustment of valvetrain 
  • Checking of the fuel tank 

A major service can cost from R2500.00+ for mobile units serviced at a partner’s workshop with prices for a major service of a fixed unit performed on-site starting at around R2800.00+ These prices will vary depending on the size of the unit and complexity of the service.

Note: After the initial run-in period, don’t forget to get your generator serviced and the valves checked. Usually, small diesel generators have a run-in period of 30 hours and petrol generators 10 hours.

For more info on other generator-related expenses, please visit our Cost of running a generator and Generator and Generator installation prices pages

Other Maintenance Costs of Generators

In order to ensure that your generator runs dependably, some additional maintenance tasks must be completed in addition to regular servicing. You might want to include the following in your subsequent service:

  • Cleaning and Adjusting the Carburettor can cost from R150.00 
  • Replacement of the Battery from R500.00
  • Replacement of the AVR unit from R550.00
  • Electric output and stability analysis R450.00

Reasons to choose Local Pros Partner to Repair your Generator?

Are you unsure about where to take your generator for maintenance? You can now easily have your generator serviced by a reputable expert thanks to a collaboration between Local Pros and your top local Generator Maintenance and Repair experts. Our partners:

  • Put the client first ensuring the client’s satisfaction.
  • Are priced competitively with no hidden costs
  • Use only qualified and trained personnel to service your generator
  • Are available after hours and are on call 24/7 for emergencies 
  • Maintain both Mobile and Fixed generators
  • Have a wide range of service and maintenance parts on hand

These are just some of the advantages of selecting a Local Pros partner. Contact Local Pros today and we will connect you with a vetted local partner in your area.

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