How Much Does Concrete Paving Cost?

When it pertains to outside paving, it’ll cost R500-R750 per square metre for concrete pavers. For a bed or base for a website of 50 square metres, you can anticipate paying R14,500- R18,800 for a gravel base orR 23,000- R28,800 for a concrete base.

If you require the help of paving pros for any reason, do not ignore concrete paving due to the fact that you have a picture of a cold, grey surface area in your mind. Concreting specialists utilize a range of strategies to produce sensational concrete paving impacts that can make concrete not just inexpensive, however elegant too. This might grace your driveway, path, patio area or swimming pool surround and last for several years with really little upkeep.


Like any task, you would like to know just how much your concrete paving task is going to cost.


Concrete paving alternatives

To get a total image of the cost of concrete paving, you need to find out about the choices that are readily available to you. A few of the more popular ornamental alternatives consist of: Precast concrete pavers are a cost-effective and reliable paver and are available in a wide array of colours and styles. They are long-lasting, simple to preserve, and will not break. Some styles can even simulate the appearance of more expensive stone pavers.

  • Aggregate is a time-honoured method that includes including little pebbles in the concrete mix. Aggregate is extensively utilized in real estate advancements and industrial applications and is a really inexpensive choice.
  • Spray painting can be used straight over plain concrete. Stencilled patterns are offered if you desire something more ornamental than a plain colour. Concrete spray painting begins at about R200 per square metre for bigger locations. For small locations, it will cost more to cover transport and set-up. Likewise, anticipate paying more for patterns, numerous colors, and so on.
  • Concrete resurfacing can be done on brand-new or old concrete. Utilizing stencils and/or texturing methods, a range of results can be accomplished, from a natural stone aim to elaborate patterns and styles. Concrete resurfacing expenses are somewhere between R350 and R500 per square metre. If your concrete business prices quote both for laying the concrete and stencilling, the price may begin at around R850 per square metre for something fundamental to R1000 or more detailed stencilling and texturing.

How much does concrete paving cost? 

A variety of aspects will figure out the general cost of your outside paving task, particularly: Labour expenses, which begin at about R200 per square metre for a basic paving task, can increase to R500 per square metre or more.

Gain access to and the surface will have a substantial influence on the cost of an outside paving task. If paving is done on a flat, level surface area, work can continue rapidly, so it will cost less per square metre than paving on a sloping surface area.

The design of paving assists in identifying the cost, too. A driveway made from big, square pavers will be more economical than an elaborately patterned driveway comprised of small pavers. The quantity of bed linen you need for your jo is either sand or gravel.

If you’re laying a garden course, you might have the ability to get away with laying a sand bed and laying natural stone pavers on top of it. Select tiles and tiling pros, however, and you might regret it when they begin to break. If you’re paving your driveway, a concrete base is a must. The ethical is: it’s an excellent concept to learn just how much concrete paving is going to cost even if you plan to lay another product on top of it. If you’re laying a course, a 75mm thick concrete bed suffices, however if you’re having a concrete driveway laid, it needs to be 100mm thick.

To have your pavers laid, anticipate having to pay in the area of:

  • R500 and R750 per square metre per square metre for concrete pavers

For a bed or base, anticipate to pay in the area of:

  • R15,500 to R18,5000 for a gravel base for a website of 50 square metres with simple gain access and little preparation.
  • R23,000 to R28,800 for a concrete base for a website of 50 square metres with simple gain access and little preparation.

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