How much does paving cost per square meter?

If you require any paving done, you’re naturally going to question just how much it costs. The simplest method to get preliminary expenses is to discover just how much paving expenses are per square meter. It’s insufficient, however, to simply request quotes for paving. The real cost of paving depends upon a range of factors. Get a Quote to learn more, or order a service from real Paving Pros.

Paving can cost anywhere from R400 to R1000 per square meter, depending upon the kind of paving, the size of your task and the quantity of preparation work. Anticipate paying in the range of R450 to R600 per square meter for concrete pavers, R700 to R900 for brick pavers, and R750 to R1000 for stone pavers.

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  • What kinds of paving are there?
  • What to try to find when employing a paving specialist
  • What might
  • What will they charge you?


Natural stone pavers develop a useful extension to

Driveways: a well-prepared base is necessary to guarantee that your paving does not warp or move when pressure is applied to it.

Paths: a well-laid course is not just practical; it can likewise be an ornamental component for your outside location.

Patios: a paved outdoor patio location can assist to extend your outside way of life and guarantee you maximize your house.

Swimming pool surrounds: paving around a swimming pool likewise requires to be slip-resistant to guarantee it is safe.


If you’re paving a driveway, it will most likely be recommended that you lay a concrete base, even if you’re laying pavers on top of it. If you’re laying a path, you may get away with a gravel base, and if it’s an outdoor patio, you will most likely require concrete. However, the base will not need to be as thick as a driveway base.


altHow much does paving cost?

Paving can cost anywhere from R400 to R1000 per square meter. That figure consists of products and labor. A variety of elements will figure out the final cost of your task, particularly:

  • The kind of paving you select
  • The size of your task
  • Just how much preparation work is needed, consisting of leveling
  • What if your task is elaborate? Various kinds of pavers are simpler to lay than others. For instance, 500 x 500mm square pavers may be simpler and quicker to lay than smaller-sized, rectangle-shaped pavers. If you’re including contrasting border pavers, bricks require to be cut for a complicated pattern, it will cost more than a basic paving task. A sloping driveway will generally cost more than a level driveway. For instance, a plain concrete driveway may cost around R650 per square meter on a level surface area, but the very same concreting business may charge R750 per square meter for a sloping surface area.

Expect to pay in the area of:

  • R450 to R600 per square meter for concrete pavers.
  • Limestone pavers cost R400 to R700 per square meter.
  • From R400 to more than R750 per square meter for quartzite pavers,
  • R700 to R900 for brick pavers.
  • R750 to $1000 per square meter for granite, travertine, and flagstone pavers.

How much does a base cost? 

Expect to pay in the area of:

  • R10,500 to R18,000 for a gravel base for a website of 50 square meters with simple gain access and little preparation.
  • R23000 to R28,800 for a put-in concrete base for a website of 50 square meters with simple gain access and little preparation. The very best method of learning the cost of your paving task is to get quotes from regional paving experts. This will give you a sense of what market rates are presently. Rates are what the give

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