How much does outdoor paving cost?

Pavers provide a useful surface area for a large range of outside locations, consisting of patio areas, driveways, paths, and swimming pool surrounds. You might desire outside paving to extend your outside way of life, guarantee your driveway has a steady base or as an ornamental component for your garden course.

Like with any house improvement job, you wish to get a handle on the expenses so you can prepare your budget plan, pick your products, and determine how much to pay the paving pros to work with.

This post will assist you in establishing an estimated quote of just how much your outside paving is going to cost.

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Plan your outside paving task

Prior to getting a quote for your outside paving job, make the effort to establish:

  • What kind of pavers you would like?

  • Would you like a pattern or design?

  • Do you need border pavers?

  • Is your surface area level or sloping?

What is the most appropriate paver for your application, for e.g. if you are paving around a swimming pool you will require a slip resistant surface area.

If you’re paving a driveway, you will most likely be encouraged to lay a concrete base and compacting, even if you’re laying pavers on top of it. If you’re laying a path, you may get away with a gravel base and if it’s a patio area, you will most likely require concrete, however the base will not require to be as thick as a driveway base.

Kinds of outside paving

Wondering which paver is ideal for your task? Here is what you need to understand.

Concrete: Precast concrete pavers are a cost reliable paver and be available in a wide range of colours and styles. They are resilient, simple to keep and will not split. Some styles can even imitate the appearance of more costly stone pavers.

Brick: If you like the appearance of exposed brick then pick this paver for your driveway or garden course. You might even have the ability to discover old pre-used bricks for a rustic feel.

Natural stone: You can’t disregard the character and heat of natural stone however some types are costly. Select limestone for a light, reflective surface area, travertine for something more long lasting and granite or slate where price is no challenge.

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How much does outside paving cost?

Pavers can differ dramatically in price. Concrete pavers are the least pricey, while some natural stone pavers like limestone will be at the luxury of the scale. You can likewise select stamped or stencilled concrete resurfacing, which provides a natural stone take a look at a lower price than pavers on the high-end of the price scale. Typically, anticipate to pay about R500-R550 per square metre for 500 X 500 X 30mm pavers or stencilled resurfacing. You will likewise need to include the cost of sealing the pavers into the mix. That generally runs around R100-R150 a metre squared.

A garden path built with pavers

A variety of elements will identify the general cost of your outside paving task, particularly: Labour expenses begin at about R200 per square metre for an easy paving task, but can increase to R500 per square metre or more. Gain access to and the surface will have a substantial effect on the cost of an outside paving task.

If paving is done on a flat, level surface area, work can continue rapidly, so it will cost less per square metre than paving on a sloping surface area. The design of paving assists in identifying the cost, too. A driveway made from big, square pavers will be more economical than an elaborately patterned driveway comprised of little pavers. To have your outside pavers laid anticipate to pay in the area of:

  • R400 to R650 per square metre for concrete pavers
  • R450 to R750 per square metre for limestone pavers

  • R400 to R800 per square metre for quartzite paver

  • R700 to R950 for brick pavers

  • R700 to R1000 per square metre for granite, travertine and flagstone pavers

For a base, anticipate to pay in the area of:

  • R15,500 to R18000 for a gravel base for a website of 50 square metres (simple gain access to and little preparation)

  • R23000 to R28,800 for a put concrete base for a website of 50 square metres (simple gain access to and little preparation)

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Hiring an outside paving specialist

When it comes time to employing an outside paving specialist make certain they are best for your task. Some concerns to ask consist of:

  • Are you certified for my task?

  • Do you hold legitimate insurance coverage?

  • Can you supply a composed quote?

  • Does my quote consist of edging, gravel and sand?

  • Do you have recommendations I can follow up?

Constantly request for the whole task to be priced estimate instead of get square metre or per hour rates.

Getting quotes for outside paving

Prior to you begin getting quotes from paving professionals.

For instance, you might desire real limestone pavers, however if the cost is too expensive, you may wish to discover just how much liquid limestone or stencilled concrete expenses to lay. Our Paving Design Ideas pages is an excellent location to begin exploring your choices.

After you have a clear concept of the kind of paving you desire you can begin to get quotes for paving. Your paving professional will need to type:

  • Type of pavers or paving products you desire

  • Location to be covered (driveway, course, swimming pool surround?)

  • Square metres of protection

  • Information about the surface (flat, sloping, and so on)

  • Access concerns

Providing paving specialists the chance to factor all these things into their quotes will allow them to provide you more precise preliminary quotes. After you’ve compared the quotes, you can organize to talk about the task with you personally.

To see more ‘price of’ guides visit the ‘Cost of homes services‘ page to see a full list.


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