How Much Does Cork Flooring Cost?

For cork floor covering, you can anticipate paying anywhere from R600-R1000 per square metre for cork tiles or boards, depending upon the density, and R1210 per 4.5 square metre container for 300mm x 300mm x 6mm basic cork tiles.

Are you trying to find a sustainable and eco-friendly floor covering product that is likewise simple on the eye?

Then look no further than cork, which is frequently neglected since individuals believe it is just available in the conventional natural brown variation. Incorrect! Cork is now coloured and can be found in a wide range of surfaces. Even much better, cork makes a perfect floor covering product and is a useful alternative to other kinds of floor covering, like tiles. If you are looking for tiling pros, get a quote below.

This post will help you comprehend:

  • Why select cork flooring?
  • Just how much cork floor covering expenses
  • Working with a cork floor covering installer
  • Getting quotes for cork floor covering

Why choose cork as a floor covering?

Cork floor covering is not a typical floor covering option in South Africa but has actually been set up in Europe for several years. Unlike other floor-covering products, the harvesting of cork bark is actually great for the trees, as it promotes brand-new development, which makes it an eco-friendly source. Its appeal, likewise, emanates from the reality that cork is a useful product for floor covering:

  • Like wood and bamboo, cork is a natural item with a pleasing natural look that suits well in a range of settings.
  • Cork is a reasonably soft product, making it an outstanding option for the household house, reducing damage and contusions from those little mishaps that take place so often in hectic households.
  • Although soft, cork has a “memory” and withstands long-term denting by “recuperating” from effect damage such as high heels.
  • Cork has exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation for residential or commercial properties and is likewise cool in the summer season underfoot.

Being a natural product, there are various grades of cork. In addition, various makers utilize various production procedures. For these factors, it is essential to select your cork floor covering thoroughly. For instance, some cork floor coverings are much better for wet locations such as basements and restrooms than others, and some brands of cork floor coverings are appropriate for DIY setup while others must be expertly set up.


How much does cork floor covering cost?

Before we navigate to rates and what you can anticipate spending on cork floor covering, let’s take a look at what other elements will impact your quote.

Floor covering installers are going to want to know:

  • The number of square metres of your task is
  • What is currently on the floor?
  • What condition does your flooring remain in and if it requires levelling?
  • What kind of cork surface area do you desire? tiles, panels, or rolls

You will also need to factor in the cost of the clear protective polyurethane sealant, which gets painted onto your cork flooring. In regards to the price, you can anticipate paying anywhere from

  • Cork tiles or boards cost R600 to R1000 per square metre, depending upon the density.
  • R1210 per 4.5 square metre container for 300mm x 300mm x 6mm basic cork tiles.



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Getting quotes for cork floor covering

When you get quotes for cork floor covering, think about the expenses. However, I think about the experience and track record of the installer.

  • Setup of underlay

  • Floor covering setup

  • Elimination and replacement of skirting boards, if required


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