Are you considering investing in a Nutec house and wondering how much it might cost? The average price for a Nutec House that is finished like a modern home starts from R8500m2. For a Very Basic Livable Structure with very basic finishings expect to pay from R4500m2. While Nutec Wendies Start from about $1800m2

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Traditional Nutec House Price List

Complete house with all the creature comforts of a modern home. These are only estimated starting prices that include all finishing but they are selected quality but budget-friendly options. Prices change monthly and it’s best to request a quote for accurate personalised pricing.

DescriptionSize (m²)Price Range (ZAR)
Two bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + bathroom. 6m×10m (60m²)From R510,000
Three bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + bathroom7m×11m (77m²)From R654,500
Three bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + 2 bathroom9m×12m (108m²)From R918,000
Three bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + 2 bathroom and garage 9m×14m (126m²)From R1,071,000

Basic Nutec House Price List

Barebones basic livable structure with a single layer wall with basic insulation and installations that comes with a wooden floor, pitch roof IBR sheets, solid door and lock, windows, basic insulation and a minimum height of 2.4m These prices are for the very basic of fixtures and installations any additional finishings will have additional cost. Prices change monthly and it’s best to request a quote for accurate personalised pricing.

DescriptionSize (m²)Price Range (ZAR)
Basic Structure with partitioning, ceiling, roof insulation, wall insulation, skimming, electrical (wiring, plugs, lights and DB board), plumbing (toilet, basin, kitchen sink and shower), plain door, inside doors (standard door)3m×4m (12m²)From R48,000
One-bedroom open plan kitchen and lounge plus bathroom. Including terminations listed above.3m×6m (18m²)From
Two bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + bathroom.  Including terminations listed above.3m×9m (27m²)From R90,000
Two bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge plus bathroom, comes with a pitched roof and 1.5m porch.  Including terminations listed above.3m×12m (36m²)From R120,000
Two bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge plus bathroom, comes with a pitched roof and 1.5m porch.  Including terminations listed above.6m×6m (36m²)From R120,000
Three bedrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, + bathroom.  Including terminations listed above.6m×9m (54m²)From R185,000

Nutec Wendy Price List 

Basic Shell made with Nutec handy planks, overlapped in a vertical pattern, wooden floors, flat roofs using IBR roof sheets, wooden windows and wooden doors. with 1.8m and 2.1m Wall Height. These prices are only for the basic shell only. Prices change monthly and it’s best to request a quote for accurate personalised pricing.

Shell Only No Termination or Insulation, Wooden Floor 1.8m Wall HeightShell Only No Termination or Insulation, Wooden Floor 2.1m Wall Height Additional Cost for Ceiling and basic Insulation
1.8 x 1.8mFrom R13,000From R14,300From R910
1.8 x 2.4mFrom R13,975From R15,372From R1235
1.8 x 3.0mFrom R15,600From R17,160From R1495
2.4 x 2.4mFrom R16,380From R18,018From R1755
2.4 x 3.0mFrom R17,550From R19,305From R1560
2.4 x 3.6mFrom R18,200From R20,020From R1820
3.0 x 2.4mFrom R18,200From R20,020From R2405
3.0 x 3.0mFrom R20,800From R22,880From R2080
3.0 x 3.6mFrom R22,750From R25,025From R2470
3.0 x 6.0mFrom R29,250From R32,175From R4550
4.5 x 3.0mFrom R27,300From R30,030From R3900
6.0 x 3.0mFrom R34,450From R37,895From R5460
6.0 x 5.0mFrom R42,900From R47,190From R7605
6.0 x 6.0mFrom R48,750From R53,625From R9100

Factors That Determine the Cost of a Nutec House

The cost of building a Nutec house is influenced by various factors. Here are some primary considerations:

  • Size of the House: The bigger the house, the higher the cost due to more materials and labour needed.
  • Design Complexity: Complex designs require more time, skill, and materials, which can increase the cost.
  • Custom Features: Custom features like extra rooms, high-end fixtures, or unique architectural elements can add to the cost.
  • Location: The cost can vary depending on your location, particularly if it impacts the ease of transporting materials or the availability of skilled labour.
  • Site Preparation: If the construction site requires significant preparation or clearing, this can add to the initial costs.

In-Depth Look at Nutec House Costs

Material Costs

Nutec is a high-quality building material made from a mixture of cement, silica, and organic fibres. It is lightweight, durable, and resistant to fire and moisture. The cost of Nutec boards forms a significant portion of the total house-building cost.

Labour Costs

Labour costs can vary based on the complexity of the design, the size of the house, and the local labour rates. More complex designs or larger houses require more labour hours, increasing the overall cost.

Foundation and Site Work

The cost of preparing the site and laying the foundation can significantly impact the total cost. Factors such as soil quality, site accessibility, and the type of foundation required can influence these costs.

Finishing Costs

This includes interior and exterior finishes, such as paint, flooring, and fixtures. Higher-end finishes will increase the cost.

Why Choose a Local Pros Partner for Your Nutec House Construction

Building a new house is a significant investment, and you want to ensure you’re making the right choices. Here’s why you should consider a Local Pros partner for your Nutec house construction:

  • Expertise: Our partners possess the necessary knowledge and skills to construct a high-quality Nutec house.
  • Experience: With years of experience, they understand the nuances of building Nutec homes.
  • Quality Assurance: They adhere to high standards, ensuring your house is built to last.
  • Cost-Efficient: Our partners can help you optimise your budget and get the most value.
  • Professionalism: You can expect prompt, courteous service and transparent communication.
  • Personalization: They can customise your Nutec house to fit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Compliance: They are familiar with local building codes and regulations.
  • Post-Construction Support: Our partners offer aftercare services for any potential issues or concerns.

Considering having a Nutec House Built? Contact Local Pros today and we will connect you with a vetted Nutec House Builder in your area.

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How long does it take to build a Nutec house?

 The timeline for building a Nutec house can vary based on the size and complexity of the house, as well as other factors such as weather conditions and site preparation needs. However, as a general estimate, a small to medium-sized Nutec house might take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to build.

Are Nutec houses environmentally friendly?

Yes, Nutec houses are known for being environmentally friendly. Nutec is a sustainable material, and the construction process of Nutec houses tends to have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional construction methods.

Can a Nutec house be expanded in the future?

Yes, one of the advantages of Nutec houses is their flexibility and versatility. It’s generally possible to add onto a Nutec house in the future, subject to local building regulations and the specific design of the house.

How durable are Nutec houses?

 Nutec houses are known for their durability. The material is resistant to rot and moisture damage and can withstand harsh weather conditions. With proper care, a Nutec house can last for many decades.

Are Nutec houses safe?

Yes, Nutec houses are safe. The material is non-combustible, which makes it a good choice in areas prone to wildfires. It’s also resistant to pests such as termites.

What maintenance is required for a Nutec house?

Nutec houses require relatively low maintenance. Regular checks should be made to ensure there’s no damage or wear and tear, especially after severe weather. The exterior may need to be repainted every few years to maintain its appearance.

Can I customise my Nutec house design?

Yes, Nutec houses are highly customizable. You can work with your builder to create a design that suits your needs and preferences, including the layout, finishes, and any special features you want.

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