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Swimming Pool Renovations, Resurfacing and Vinyl Liner Replacements

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Pool Renovation Quote
  • Pool Relining, Resurfacing, and Vinyl Replacements
    Make your pool look like new again
  • Pool tiling
    Replace old or broken ones or add some style with a new design
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#1 Swimming Pool Renovation Service

Has your pool seen better days? Are there broken tiles that pose a risk? No matter what type of pool you have our partners can renovate or resurface it in no time. Our partners offer a wide range of pool renovation services:

  • Fibreglass relining
  • Marbelite application
  • Paving and Mosaicing
  • Pool adaptions and features
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Cleaning and painting
  • And many more 

If you are contemplating renovating your pool. Complete our online form today and a vetted Local Pros partner in your area will contact you shortly.

Gunite and Marbelite Pool Resurfacing 

Is your Concrete Pool looking a bit worse for wear? Get it resurfaced with cement or marbelite. Additionally, you can opt for adding an epoxy coating making your new pool surface non-porous allowing you to use fewer chemicals.

Standard concrete resurfacing:

  • Cost-effective resurfacing 
  • Looks great 
  • Minimally invasive procedure 
  • Get your pool looking like new in a few days. 

Marbelite lining:

  • Marbelite can be applied to concrete pools of any shape
  • Gives your pool a premium finish 
  • Durable and chip resistant ensuring your pool stays perfect for many years to come 
  • Should be recoated when it starts to chip, flake and look stained
  • Professional application necessary
  • Used in both commercial and private pools 

Fiberglass Pool Relining and Renovation

Get your fibreglass pool looking like new again. Mostly fibreglass pools only require a gel coat touchup every few years but sometimes, especially when neglected they do require resurfacing.

Fibreglass pools are an excellent choice because they are:

  • Durable, long-lasting and high quality
  • Non-porous surface leaves little attachment points for algae to grow.
  • Doesn’t need repainting
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Uses fewer chemicals saving you money
  • Resistant to scratches and does not chip.
  • Offers and insulation layer increasing the water’s temperature

LED lighting Installation

Is your pool lighting looking a bit outdated? Then you might have considered installing some LED lighting to your existing pool.  

LED lighting has many benefits over conventional lighting:

  • Uses a fraction of the electricity
  • LEDs have a longer duty cycle meaning you will be replacing them a lot less
  • Beautiful and elegant lighting effects are easily obtained.
  • Can be set up to change lighting colours at will

Pool Surrounds or Coping  renovations

Like your pool’s surface, the area around your pool will also require some maintenance every decade or so. Our partners offer a wide range of pool surrounds including:

  • Thermal tiles 
  • Composite decking.
  • Paving 
  • Sandstone and other stone tiles

Vetted Pool Renovators

Local Pors has vetted numerous Pool Renovators Across South Africa and selected the best ones to join our network of Pool Renovators. Please select an area nearest you for the best Pool Renovators in your area! 

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Pool Renovation Quote

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Pool Renovation and Relining
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