How much does a brick garage cost?


The cost of constructing a brick garage can be between R5 500 – R10 000, depending upon its size and the kind of roofing you install along with the finishings. A single brick garage is 36 square metres and will obviously be cheap[er than a double garage build

A brick garage can be a house enhancement that boosts the look and adds value to your house. How much does a brick garage cost? A brick garage is the sum of its parts, and the cost of developing it will likewise depend upon its size and finishings.

The pricing of bricks also varies depending on the type. You can expect to pay in the range of R2,00 per brick to up to R10,00 per brick. 

Read this guide for a comprehensive breakdown of how much it costs to construct a brick garage in South Africa.

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Cost to build a brick garage

 The cost of constructing a brick garage consists of:

  • The brick you select 
  • A garage door
  • An optional window
  • A roofing system
  • Size of the garage
  • You might also wish to construct a longer garage to accommodate a workbench or storage area. A single car garage is typically 3.2 metres wide, however, can be as long as you require it to be
  • This width can also vary and will depend on your specific requirements, so if storage space on the sides is required, it might be larger. A double vehicle garage is 5.8 metres wide by 5.8 metres long, but once again, you can vary the size depending upon what you wish to utilize the garage for. At 5.8 metres wide, it enables two cars and trucks to be parked and provides an area for opening cars and truck doors. A triple garage differs in that it is between 8.6 and 9.2 metres long and is typically 5.6 to 6.0 metres long. This width permits vehicle doors to be opened, and the length will depend upon your choice.

Consider the size you desire and the type of brick you would like your brick garage to be and you can get a more precise price. 





Double car brick garage cost

How much does a garage door cost? 

The cost of setting up a garage door on a brick garage will vary depending on the type of garage door you choose, but should be between R7000 and up to or exceeding R20 000 for a roller door.  To see the latest garage door prices visit Garage door pros


Additional Costs 


Carport and brick garage costAdditional costs vary depending on your specifications and requirements. Should you require ceilings, painting, light fittings, windows, tiling and electrical costs this will be considered and quoted as an extra or additional cost. Contact us today for a complete and comprehensive quote for your garage building requirements.


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