How much does epoxy flooring cost?

It usually costs around R300-R350 per square meter for 2 coats over a ready concrete surface area. The price can increase to R800-R1000 per square meter when you spend on diamond grinding to prepare the concrete, followed by an ornamental surface. To receive more accurate information, please get a quote.

The cost of your epoxy floor covering will depend upon:

  1. In what condition does the existing concrete remain?
  2. What kind of appearance and surface do you want?
  3. How huge is the area?

Although initially just utilized in business settings, epoxy floor covering is ending up being increasingly more popular in houses throughout South Africa. Wherever there’s concrete flooring, whether that’s a garage, an amusing location outside, or perhaps inside the house, epoxy can assist in enhancing the appearance, feel, and look of the flooring.

However, what advantages does epoxy floor covering have over conventional floor covering products? And what should epoxy floor cover cost?

Epoxy flooring is becoming increasingly popular for residential uses

Epoxy resin, often called “2-pack epoxy” since it is comprised of two parts, is a mix of a resin and a hardener. After the epoxy sets, a chain reaction makes it extremely hard, turning it into a non-porous finish. Epoxy likewise functions as a glue, making it the best covering for concrete due to the fact that it adheres to the flooring and does not quickly damage it.

Epoxy works as a terrific barrier and defense for concrete flooring. Most importantly, it can be utilized on top of either brand-new concrete or old concrete, so long as you take the appropriate measures to prepare the surface area. To revamp old concrete, epoxy floor covering specialists frequently start by diamond grinding the top of the concrete. Just like tiling made by the real tiling pros, they might include something to change the appearance of the location entirely.

The impacts epoxy floor covering can have are just restricted by your concepts and the abilities of those using it. Epoxy floor covering can:

  • Include esthetically intriguing concepts like color flakes.
  • Mimic texture, which appears like pebbles.
  • Mimic more pricey products like marble.
  • Handle a metal shine and look
  • Be marked to appear like the flooring is tiled.
  • You can even pick a gloss level ranging from matte to extremely sleek.

Many experts estimate based upon just how much it will cost to use epoxy-based upon the size of the area, but there might be other tasks that need to be factored into consideration. If substantial preparation work is required, the real price will be greater.

For the most part, you will get a much better rate for a bigger surface area since all of the set-up and preparation time are included. In the majority of garage tasks, you’ll need to spend on a diamond grind to smooth the surface area in addition to 2 coats of epoxy. Epoxy garage flooring expenses begin at R800 per sq/m for a single-vehicle garage or R500 per square meter for a double-vehicle carport. When you get quotes for epoxy floor covering, offer as much detail as possible about the condition of your floors and what you wish to achieve. Do fractures require fixing? Is the flooring stained in any way?

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