How Much Does Hardwood Timber Decking Cost?

Just how much does wood decking cost, and why is picking wood decking a crucial house enhancement option? Hardwood decking can be a lovely addition to your yard, and selecting wood thoroughly might be much better than picking the least expensive wood readily available. Most likely, you will require support from a real decking pros, and in this post you will find what to ask them. 


What woods are readily available and just how much do they cost? The cost of wood will be one factor to consider, but having wood decking set up will likewise be a cost element. Select your decking lumber initially and then call decking specialists to discover

  • What are their rates?
  • How much does wood decking cost? How much does decking setup cost?
  • How much does sealing wood decking cost?
  • Does a decking professional need to be accredited?
  • What should I try to find in a decking specialist?

How much does wood decking cost?

You will need to pay the cost of the decking products plus the labor expenses of the installers. These are some costs you can anticipate spending on wood decking products. The costs are approximate, and you might pay more:

  • Jarrah (85mm broad) costs around R750/m2.
  • Merbau (140 mm large) costs about R600/m2.
  • Silver Top (90mm broad) costs about R690/m2.
  • Identified gum (86mm broad) costs around R1050/m2.
  • Blackbutt (86mm large) costs around R880 m2.
  • Ironbark (90mm broad) costs around R54 per lineal metre.

The costs are for decking only, and you will also need to spend for the support structure under the deck, which might not require to be the same wood as the deck.


How much does decking setup cost?

You will likewise require to understand the approximate cost of decking installation. It can cost anywhere between R3200 and R5000 per square metre to setup, and the price ought to consist of the wood decking.

  • That may exercise to: R64000 to R100,000 for a 20m2 deck.
  • R90,000 to R150,000 for a 30m2 deck.
  • R129,800 to R200,000 for a 40m2 deck.

The cost will consist of:

  • Digging stump holes
  • Setting up concrete stumps
  • The subfloor, consisting of joists and bearers
  • Setting up the decking

How much does sealing wood decking cost?

The cost of setting up decking might not include the cost of sealing the lumber. 

  • You might pay as much R3500 to R4500 to seal a small deck.
  • It costs R7000 to R10,000 to seal a medium sized deck.

You can likewise attempt sealing the deck yourself as a DIY task. Deck upkeep to tidy and refinish decking describes how to keep your brand-new decking in excellent condition and provides standard information about sealing decking.

If you are also including a roof over the deck, the expenses will be greater. Anticipate paying around R8000m2 for decking and roof, and if you require a raised roof that is cyclone-proof, the cost will be around R10,000m2.

alt There might be extra expenses involved in sealing a wood deck, however these are for older decks that require resealing.

A few of the extra expenses are for dealing with mouldy lumber, changing decking boards and other possible expenses.

If you’re setting up a brand-new wood deck, these tasks will not be required.

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What should I try to find in a decking professional?

Before you get quotes from decking professionals, pick the wood you desire and determine the area. Likewise, it consists of other information such as

  • Will the deck have actions?
  • Is it on a sloping block?
  • Will it be close to the ground or raised?
  • Do you want the exact same wood for the assistance structure as you’re utilizing on the decking?
  • Do you want them to consist of a roofing system on your deck and what product do you want for the roofing?

This will impact the final cost of the deck. If it’s on a sloping block, they will need to make the deck level and you will most likely desire actions, which cost more to set up. If you desire the decking to be made of the exact same wood as your decking product, the cost will increase depending upon the price of the lumber and the difficulty of installing it. A raised deck will cost more than a deck close to the ground, and a covering will add considerably to the price.


Hardwood decking can be more costly than dealing with pine decking, but it will be a gorgeous addition to your house and you will not be sorry for having it. If you choose to offer your house, have it resealed prior to you putting it on the market, and the decking will add value to the cost of your house. You can’t fail with wood decking, and throughout the years, you will not be sorry for having it set up.


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