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Residential Cleaning Services will keep your Somerset West Strand home spotless

You have a lot on your plate as a homeowner. We also don’t think you should be solely responsible for keeping your home spotless and clean. Rather than wasting your important spare time sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping, relax in a clean and pleasant home cleaned by one of the Local Pros Cleaning Agents in Somerset West Strand.

Options for one-time and ongoing cleaning in Somerset West Strand

Based in Somerset West Strand our agents offer one-time cleaning services as well as contract daily or weekly cleaning to dazzle your guests, awe the in-laws, or simply get things back in order after a wild weekend.

Home Cleaning that is Environmentally Friendly

All of our house cleaning services use by-products that are safer for your family and home, including any children or pets! Thanks to these environmentally friendly solutions, our crew can provide an amazing clean while keeping dangerous cleaning chemicals out of your house.

What Is Included in a Standard House Cleaning Service?

A standard house cleaning includes all of the major areas of your home, such as the bedroom, kitchen, and everything in between. Any unique locations, such as playrooms, home gyms, or offices, are included.

Each service includes vacuuming of all carpets, rugs, and flooring. Tile, wood, vinyl, and laminate floors will all be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. All of the surfaces in the house are also dusted, wiped, and cleaned. All of the furnishings, counters, entrances, and décor are included.

Cleaning and dusting

Our crew wipes down almost every hard surface in your home to maintain it clean and sanitary. Instead of wiping dust away after it has settled, our staff will dust surfaces and items on a regular basis to assist reduce the quantity of dust in the environment for you and your family to enjoy. We devote special attention to cleaning the parts of the house where dust accumulates often. Dusting can help reduce indoor allergens and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Shelves, furniture, and decor – Almost every household item contains dust. As part of our regular service, we wipe down and dust furniture, shelves, and décor with the utmost care and respect for your personal items and belongings.

Ledges and Blinds for Windows – Our personnel will dust all window ledges, drapes, blinds, and other window treatments. This will help your windows and their coverings last longer.

Lamps, light fixtures, and ceiling fans – Dusting tall lamps and ceiling fans is one of the most difficult tasks in the house. Our team is fully equipped to safely clean those hard-to-reach dust hotspots that are sometimes overlooked.

Doors and Doorframes – As part of our domestic cleaning services, we will clean the doors and doorframes in your home. Smudges, fingerprints, and microbes can be removed this way.

Glass Surfaces – Whether it’s a mirror, table, or patio door, we’ll employ tried-and-true techniques and solutions to provide clean glass surfaces in your home. This gives you a clear view of your surroundings.

And More – From cabinet ledges to air vents, our professionals can dust virtually any object or position in the house. With each appointment, you can rest assured that your customised cleaning plan will leave you with a dust-free environment. With our general cleaning services, we may wipe down practically anything in the house, including small and large appliances, doorknobs, light switches, and other areas as needed.


Our cleaning experts will give vacuuming services that will eliminate the need for you to vacuum ever again! Whether you have carpet, rugs, or the dreaded carpeted stairs, there is a solution.
On a regular basis, our crew will vacuum your floors, carpets, rugs, and stairwells, eliminating any dirt or soil trapped in the fibres. This improves the quality of your indoor air while also extending the life of your floor coverings.

Upholstered Sofas and Other Items – Vacuuming your upholstered furniture on a regular basis is just as important as vacuuming your home’s carpeting. This protects both your furniture and the air quality in your home.

Scrub and mop the floors

From the kitchen to the bathroom, we’ll bring everything we need to mop your floors. This ensures a thorough clean that looks – and smells – like new!
From tiling to laminate and hardwood, we know how to care for and clean all types of flooring.

Clean and tidy in general

We don’t stop there, of course. The following are just a few of the many cleaning services we provide our clients.

Cobwebs Must Be Removed – Is your ceiling covered in cobwebs? Allow our team to handle them because they can be both frightening and unpleasant. Cobwebs will be removed from the ceiling to the baseboards. Our experts can assist you in keeping parts of your home as tidy and organized as possible, such as the bedroom, living room, or entryway shoe rack.

Door Handles and Light Switches – Our crew disinfects door handles, light switches, and other regularly touched surfaces throughout the house on a regular basis. By removing any potentially harmful bacteria or viruses from the surfaces, this protects your entire family.

Make your bed – Who has time to make their bed when they have to leave in 10 minutes? Our team will straighten pillows and linens in the house before you come home to ensure that everything is as orderly and nice as possible.

Rubbish Bags – Regardless of the room you’re in, we’ll empty and replace all of your garbage bags for you. This makes garbage collection much easier!

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