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Leak Detection Quote
  • No digging leak detection
    With our technology you wont have to rip up your garden or your walls to find your leak.
  • Find any leak big or small
    Our teams are experienced in all types of leak detection and repairs no matter how big or small.
  • Stop losing money
    Every hour that goes by you are wasting both water and also your money, find your leak today.

Service Areas in Randburg

Fill in the form or give us a call and to get same day assistance with any water leak related issues you have. We offer water leak detection service all areas in and around Randburg.
Aldara Park - Blairgowrie - Bordeaux - Boskruin - Bromhof - Cresta - Darrenwood - Fairlands - Ferndale - Jukskei Park - Kensington 'B' - Malanshof - Northriding - Northwold - Olivedale - Randpark Ridge - Robindale - Robin Hills - Windsor East - Windsor West.

Our Leak Detection Services

We have professional plumbers qualified to help you in looking for and fixing any water leaks at work or home in Randburg and surrounding areas. Our team specializes in identifying the leak regardless of how big or small and then we will provide you with the best option to repair the leak.

Our teams are equipped with the best leak diagnosis using the latest in technology leak detection equipment.

  • Residential Leak Detection Randburg
  • Water Loss Control
  • Pipeline Tracing
  • Industrial Leak Detection
  • Leak Alerts/ Data Logging

Household Leak Detection in Randburg

Do you have a water leak at your home in Randburg? Turn off any water that is running in and outside your home, then check the water meter, if the dial on the meter is still moving it indicates there is water still running which indicates your home might leak.
Call today for a fast response and repair of your household water leaks. Our professionals operate in and around Randburg and can assist in finding and repairing your leak efficiently and properly.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection in Randburg

Locating a leak in your pool could be difficult as you would not know whether your pool is leaking or whether it is evaporating. Your pool will lose some water because of evaporation depending on the climate and season you are living in, but if you find yourself filling your pool every week there may be a leak.

  • The ground is wet in areas around the pool
  • The pool has cracks or holes
  • The pool paving is starting to lift or sink
  • Air bubbles at the inlet

We can help you find out if your swimming pool has a leak in Randburg and also exactly where the leak is coming from.

Leaks in Flats and Complexes in Randburg

Our specialist plumbers find leaks in flats and complexes regardless of big or small, we also have practical experience working with body corporates and can save you a lot of money on water bills. It may be a challenge spotting a leak in a complex and we are rigged out to find and repair your complex’s leak in no time.

Find Leaks in Commercial and Industrial Property

Our professional plumbers specialize in industrial leak discovery, our specialist plumbers can spot any sort of leak in hotels, malls, warehouses, factories, workshops, and office buildings. We have experience with large diameter pipes and can repair with minimal interference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to examine if you have a water leak?

What to keep an eye out for if you suspect a water leak.

  • Your water meter does not stop running, even when all taps are shut off
  • Your water bill has escalated greatly without reason
  • Moisture or dampness on your walls, floors, or driveways
  • Low water pressure
  • Your pipes or taps are making a hissing sound

How to Perform the Bucket Test:

Identify whether you have a leak in your pool or not perform the bucket test

Make certain your pool is at a normal water level, then fill a 20-liter bucket with pool water 100 mm from the top.

A third of the bucket must be underwater when positioning it on the 1st step of the pool.

Once you have performed the 1st step mark the water level inside the bucket and mark the pool water on the outside of the bucket.

For one day leave the bucket, and compare both water levels. Should the pool water level be lower than the bucket’s water level there is a possibility that you have a water leak and if the levels coincide you have no leaks which mean evaporation has taken place.

Our team of specialists can detect and mend your leaking pool in no time at all, saving you money and time. Stop the wastage, get in touch with us immediately!

How do you find the leak?

To locate the water leak precisely, we use a variety of acoustic and gas leak detection instruments, consisting of leak correlators, flow logging, and thermal imaging cameras.

  • Pipe Location: Pipe location is used when locating pipes outside of the building which are galvanized.
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound assists in locating leaks by identifying loud areas on piping systems.
  • High-Pressure Jetting: High-pressure jetting is used by our team to clear blockages.
  • Sonde: To identify where the break or block in your system is. Sonde is also used to monitor the water drainage and stormwater systems and how they are running.
  • Gas Location: Our teams use gas location equipment in addition to ultrasound when clients have noticed an increase in their water bill. This method is very accurate in finding leaks.
  • Thermal Imaging: Thermal cameras can see 30mm to 40mm into walls and can trace hot water lines.
  • CCTV Cameras: These cameras are used to examine the condition of the stormwater and water drainage systems.
  • Data Logging: Enables us to keep track of and measure your water loss, daily records may be generated with usage readings to identify early leaks.

Is my leak Covered by Insurance?

A lot of the insurance companies cover water leak repairs. We can help you do your insurance claim, give us a call and we can work with your insurance company to find and fix your water leak. Get your Water Leak Detection in Randburg.

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